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Ukrainian Carpathian is the mountain system in western Ukraine (its length is 280 km). Carpathian Mountains are great place for rest and treatment, for ski sports, hiking, eco-tourism, fishing, paragliding and mountaineering. Carpathians doesn’t lose its appeal throughout the year. Generous Carpathian land gave people mineral water and mud, which help people to restore their health.


  • Russian bath.
  • Riding.
  • Rope Park.
  • Cycling.
  • Fishing.
  • Paintball.
  • Medieval entertainment.


National Dendrological Park "Sofiyivka" ( Uman, Cherkasy region) is one of the world's greatest works of landscape art of the late XVIII - early XIX century.


  • boating on the underground river;
  • riding;
  • catamarans;
  • excursions.


Khortytsya Island has unique natural, historical and cultural, aesthetic and recreational resources. Tourist routes of "Khortytsya" have not only cultural and educational but also ecological importance. Reserve researchers developed eight excursion routes on the territory of Khortytsya Island.

Tunnel of love

Tunnel of love is one of those places in Ukraine, which always attracts romantics and newly married couples. Villagers called the Tunnel of Love forest phenomenon, because it was created by nature among the forest, where the railroad tracks stretch. Tunnel of love is not only a great place for a romantic trip, but also for rest, reflection and creative people.

Migiya, Mykolaiv region

This area is called '' Ukrainian Switzerland "because of its topography and climate. The main attraction is Radon Lake, its water is incredibly blue. It is possible to dive from the rocks, there are no stones under water. The depth of the lake is up to 42 m. You will see the remains of one of the first hydroelectric power stations of the country. It is a paradise for climbers.


Kolochava is the longest village in Ukraine, its length is about 40 km. It has "Old Village" museum. Here you can look at the narrow-gauge railway. There is also the only farm of parrots and pigeons (around 2000 ones).You can visit trout breeding farm as well. Villagers advise climb the Strimba mountain (1719 m).

Askania Nova reserve

You can see wild animals in natural environment: zebras, antelopes, bisons, Przewalski horses, deer and other fauna. Drive across the steppe on the bus or on the light carriage from herd to herd. Reserve takes 8 thousand visitors for the whole season. There are 69 animal and 73 plant species listed in the Red Book of Ukraine. Visitation of excursion routes with pets is strictly prohibited.

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