FYI: February 16-20, 2015


Thank you to each of you for today's participation and thoughtful, respectful and professional engagement in our session with Dr. McLeod. Wasn't she incredible!!?!!  She will continue to do this work in our district. She will definitely be back to work with us at Ross.  I hope you enjoyed our time with Dr. McLeod!  If you would like to email her a thank you and tell her what your experience was like today, I am certain she would love to hear from you... Consider taking a couple minutes to send her affirmations!  Her email is:   

I am looking forward to hearing about your individual plans for moving forward with an increased awareness of being a culturally responsive teacher, a stronger/more engaged team player and a more passionate, inspired teacher.

Everyone of you have value more than you realize... you have the awesome responsibility to teach to SAVE LIVES!  You are truly appreciated and valued!  

I am very proud of our soon to be CHAMPIONSHIP team... We are well on our way! We have big work to do and many opportunities for improvement... We may be considered the underdog at this time- but we won't allow ourselves to be out-coached!

THIS IS OUR YEAR... our time for our greatness to erupt for everyone to see!! I believe in every single one of you!!

Failure is temporary unless you give up and allow it become permanent.

Strength comes from the struggle- even for grown ups.  You are going to work harder than you have ever worked as a teacher!  It is not getting easier but the challenge is definitely worth the reward!

These "underdogs" ... WE are ready for the BIG LEAGUES!!

Teach like your hair is on fire everyday!! OUR KIDS CAN DO IT!!! Believe it and teach with the belief that they all CAN and WILL learn... and IT WILL HAPPEN!!!

Beliefs drive behaviors... Believe YOU can... Believe THE STUDENTS can... Believe in TEAM ROSS!!!!

#wegotthis #letsdothis  #championshipmentality

Andrea Segraves


Ross Elementary

Every child deserves to make and keep a friend... This honestly could change their life!

Take time this week to really listen to your "at potential" students. Ask them who their friends are, give them tools for appropriate social interactions, ask about their life outside of school... Ask Wendy Detenbeck about the 10x2 strategy that changed one of her student's life- as well as her own! Authentically building a relationship with children helps both participants take the "garbage out" or "turn those wipers on." Challenge yourself this week and let us know what happens!! Comment below.

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3 years ago

Dr. McLeod really has me thinking about the study of the switch between the set of gifted students and the students with learning disabilities. We really need to be thinking about how we can scaffold for students better so that they can all be successful in everything they do. It is not about lowering expectations but in finding a way to support them in reaching for the "gold".

3 years ago

Amy D: I love this!!! Totally agree!! Great challenge! I love there you walked away w this goal!!! 👍

3 years ago

Every student is at-potential! We need to grow them from where they are and meet their goals!

3 years ago

While picking up my students, I try to find out how their day is going or what they did the evening/weekend before, this helps me connect with them personally before I start my lesson and maintain a relationship with them.

3 years ago

I find that having a consistent morning meeting allows students to learn about each other while feeling safe enough to open up about themselves. It is amazing what you can learn about students with this daily "family time." My students love this time and after they share, they have time to ask questions to each other if they have some or even make connections with the things another student has shared.