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ofwgkta Essay

this bio is a good way for me to explain to you about a new rap group called odd future and there head rapper named Tyler the creator and co rappers earl sweatshirt ,hodgy beats, domo genesis, and left brain. These rappers are from southern California, Ladera. They started from a slow take off and then started taking tours around America and got more famous Tyler also known as Wolf Hayley is the leader of the rap group. Tyler had a rough life coming up and he explains it in all his raps one of his raps that made it to the radio is SHE it made it simply because it had few curse words in it. Earl Sweatshirt had it hard coming up to he is known for his song EARL, and whoa, he is 2nd in command of the rap group and does not show that he is going to lose this title. Earl has been sent to a juvenile hospital for becoming a rapper and while he was in he read Malcolm X , 2pac Shakur books and many more. but he made a big come back. While he was incarcerated he has been working on his rap career and after he left the detention center in Samoa he showed his skill and signed to odd future records in 2009. This rap group is famous across the U.S.A and are being more recognized across the globe they have earned there respect and they show it nationally.

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