-A Short Story
By Ronnie C. Wright


By Ronnie C. Wright

After viewing Monday Night At The Movies feature film, "The Soloist" starring Jamie Foxx
and Robert Downey, Jr., at Church with fellow members,
I was inspired to write this short story.

Once upon a time two men who lived completely different lifestyles collided mentally, physically and spiritual underneath a city highway bridge. One a writer and the other a homeless genius. It was a moment in time that would forever change their lives.
First note: [sharing] >
simple habit activating real insight nurturing growth.

Then the brief collaboration began to grow.

It started with [faith] >
forging ahead into the haze
and it grew with [trust] >
the relationship unleashing spiritual truth
and over time it expanded > extended and produced [change] >
creating healthy actualization nurturing good exchange
of friendship.

One day there was a voice in Steve's heart. He listened to it and discovered a man with a fisherman's net.
"I'm looking for a few good fisherman," he said.
"You Steve - have the skills for the job!"

"Me!" Steve asked. "How do you know?"
"Because you have the most important thing of all in your heart."
"You have [love] > lifting our values everyday
to [rise] > revitalize inner spiritual energy."

The fisherman said, "Go Steve and
[fish] > faithfully increasing spiritual health
with your [net] > naturally extending truth.

Steve worked night and day to
[see] >spiritual evidence everyday.

Early one morning he saw the
[Light] > Love Illuminating God's Holy Truth.

He tore down the fence and walls
and extended his hand in friendship as a
[bridge] > building real insight doing good everyday...

The two men turned together to hear the fisherman say,
"Go and share this [truth] >
the roots unleashing true happiness...
with water and spirit in words and music.

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Ronnie C. Wright is the author of 18 books

including "Tweeting Lincoln" and "Days On The Lawn."