by Julia Herbzerg

"if you can dream it, you can do it."    ~walt disney


In 1966, a man named Walt Disney passed away from cancer caused by smoking.  After he hap passed away, he looked back at all of his accomplishments in life.  He realized that he had done a lot of good things for all of the people that believed in his abilities and liked what he had created.  When he came to this conclusion he decided to make the religion of Dreamanity.  

Walt disney

Dreamanity is a monotheistic religion.   All of the followers of Dreamanity worship the god Walt Disney.  Walt Disney is a god who was created by everyone who gave up on a dream.  He was became god after he passed away in 1966 in order to make others' dreams come true.  Walt Disney stands for unconditional friendship and love.  He taught millions of children never to give up on their dreams.  Walt Disney stood for wholesome happiness and togetherness.  

Sacred Teachings

There are no sacred books in Dreamanity.  Instead, there are movies in which messages are portrayed.  All Disney movies contain messages that help to shape our world.  For example, Disney's "The Lion King." In this movie, we are taught how to cope with the loss of a loved one and overcome all of our struggles in life to reach our full potential.  Another example would be Disney's "Tangled."  In this movie we are taught that when we break the mold, we can learn extraordinary things, and become an extraordinary person.  There are many more Disney movies that teach us to overcome struggles and become the best that we can be in life.  


In Dreamanity there is no segregation, all are equal.  When you get rid of segregation, people are happy and there is peace in the world.  The reason that there is no segregation in Dreamanity is because in Disney's "The Hunchback of Notre dame" Quasimodo undergoes merciless ridicule because of both his physical appearance and social status. Because of this reason Disney decided that there should be never ending love for all human beings and there should be no segregation among anyone.  


The leaders of this religion are each individual person.  No one has to go to a place of worship.  Instead the followers are in charge of their own selves.  The individuals have to worship in their own way.  The followers are asked to watch at least one Disney movie a month, but there is no penalty if they don't follow this suggestion.  


In Dreamanity you make it to "The Magic Kingdom" (heaven) after you get rid of all negative thoughts and feelings and you have completed every goal in which you have ever wanted to reach in your life.  In order to let go off all negative energy, followers need to forgive all that have wronged them in life and also ask for forgiveness for their wrongdoings in life.  


There is one holiday which is celebrated during each month of the year in Dreamanity. All of the holidays are based of of some of the most important people in the religion...

January: Snow White...People who practice Dreamanity celebrate Snow White because it is their way of celebrating acceptance of people, and overcoming the evil in your life in order to find happiness.  

February: Cinderella...People who practice Dreamanity celebrate Cinderella because it is their way of celebrating how whatever you wish for your you keep.  Because "A dream is a wish that your hear makes."

March: Sleeping Beauty...People who practice Dreamanity celebrate Sleeping Beauty because it is their way of celebrating the life of all of their loved ones who will forever be at "rest."

April: Fantasia...People who practice Dreamanity celebrate Fantasia because it is their way of celebrating fantasy no matter of your age.  

May: Mary Poppins...People who practice Dreamanity celebrate Mary Poppins because it is their way of celebrating patience.  Surprisingly, when Walt Disney asked Julie Adams to play Mary Poppins she said that she would love to, but she was pregnant.  Walt Disney responded by saying that he would wait.  This showed great patience and the followers want to honor this wonderful trait of their founder and god.  

June: Lady and the Tramp...People who practice Dreamanity celebrate Lady and the Tramp because it is their way of celebrating the acceptance of others and loving the differences in people.

July: Peter Pan...People who practice Dreamanity celebrate Peter Pan because it is their way of celebrating your childhood.  People want to grow up so much that they miss their childhoods.  Peter Pan is a symbol of never growing up, and enjoying your childhood.  

August: Pocahontas...People who practice Dreamanity celebrate Pocahontas because it is their way of celebrating the wonderful earth that we live on.  It also is a celebration of all of the things that the earth has given us.  

September: The Lion King...People who practice Dreamanity celebrate The Lion King because it is their way of celebrating taking your correct place in the world.  It also shows us how to deal with the loss of loved ones, and keep their memories alive.  

October: Tangled...People who practice Dreamanity celebrate Tangled because it is their way of celebrating how wonderful life is.  Tangled shows us that life is scary sometimes, but it is a wonderful life anyways.  

November: Beauty and the Beast...People who practice Dreamanity celebrate Beauty and the Beast because it is their way of celebrating acceptance of people. Beauty and the Beast shows us that you can't judge a book by its cover, because it is what's inside that counts.  

December: Aladdin...People who practice Dreamanity celebrate Aladdin because it is their way of celebrating wishes coming true.  Aladdin is our way of celebrating our wishes and it proves that it doesn't take a genie to make our wishes come true.  

Historic items

Some of the historic items that are important to Dreamanity includes:

-Walt Disney World (whole park)

-Walt Disney Land (whole park)

-Manuscripts to all of the Disney Movies

-The sheet music for all Disney Songs

-All Disney Movies

-The birthplace of Walt Disney is important for some of the followers of the religion, because they enjoy to see where all of the magic began.  


There are not very many symbols of Dreamanity, however the few that exist include:

-Mickey Mouse

-Mickey Mouse outline

-Walt Disney Signiture

-Magic Kingdom castle

-Disney Princesses


1. Never lie

2. Always believe in yourself and never give up

3. Everything you wish will come true

4. Believe in the power of love

5. Cherish youth