Quadratic Formula

Mr. Kirkland/2nd/October 16, 2013

Quadratic Formula: The quadratic formula is used to find x-intercept. (also called, solutions, zeros, answers or roots.)

The Gateway Arch is a good example of a parabola that people pass by everyday.

This is what the quadratic formula looks like before you plug in the numbers

WORD PROBLEM: a smoke jumper jumps from a plane that is 1500ft above the found. The function h=16t^2+1500 gives the jumpers height (h) in feet during the===free fall at (t) seconds.

-(a)How long is the jumper free falling if the parachute opens at 1000ft? (b)what about 940ft?

-(c)what would the domain and range be of this problem?

This is how you solve for the amount of time the smoke jumper is free falling. you just plug the number of feet that was in the initial question into the problem, and solve the problem as shown above.

this is the same problem as problem (a) but instead of the number being 1000 it is 940.

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