Wild Cats

Very Wild


A wild cat is a very vicious and angry. Don't go near them especially when they have babies. Most wild cats have a light brown coat with black tips. They all have patterns on their coat and have green or blue eyes. They fight a lot.


The wild cat lives in the grassy land spread across America and south America. They live in grassy land because they eat lots of grass when there's not prey around.  


Their shelter is a warm cosy cave in a really cold place or tree hollow in a really hot place so the tree can sway and they can get fresh air.

Biological Relationships

Kittens love their mums. They drink milk from them. They are predator prey and they come in big herds to hunt, find water and other places to stay.

Life Cycle

1st = a kitten

2nd = a teenager

3rd = an adult

4th = a senior

Cats are mammals. They are warm blooded and give their kittens milk

Food chain


The wild cat's Biome is a really wet Jungle or an Oasis Desert. The Oasis has to have some prey and a bit of water to drink.

Interesting Facts

Wild Cats are really good swimmers. They need to be good at swimming because they need to catch fish, get across lands and swim away if a predator is trying to get them.

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