ART: One of Our Favorite Things

We Experienced ART

Art is important to us.  We recently visited the Kimbell Art Museum in Ft Worth.  We were able to see sculptures, oil paintings, and some incredible public art.  Out of all the things we saw and experienced that day, our favorite was a piece called Vortex by Richard Serra.  This huge sculpture is installed outside the Museum of Modern Art and looks like a rusted sheet metal tower.  It appears to be seven pieces of metal that are precariously balanced against each other and might fall down in a high wind.  We took turns experiencing this echo chamber by  touching, bouncing, jumping, stomping, clapping, yelling, and even whispering.  This is art to the extreme!   Art should change your life and this did. 

Self Portrait by: Elisabeth Louis Vigee LeBrun

Elisabeth painted this self-portrait when she was 26 but she started painting when she was only 16 years old.  She was friends with the queen of France and painted many portraits of the rich and famous.  She fled France during the Revolution for safety. 

In this portrait, Elisabeth is wearing a white dress, black hat with a feather, crystal earrings, and a red bow that highlighted her rosy red cheeks.  We think she probably used this portrait to show her patrons what a great painter she was.  It worked!

The Anger of Achilles

by Jacques-Louis David

Achilles was suppose to marry the king's daughter, pictured here in a white dress.  When the king stopped the marriage, he said she must be sacrificed to Poseidon to save the city.  Achilles was mad at the Greek king, and began to draw his sword.  The king stopped him.  Notice the king's gesture with his hand as he points down.   Everyone must do their duty; that's the idea. Look at the emotions of each character in the picture. 

Horse by: Deborah Butterfield

    This horse is located outside The Modern. We observed that horse looks like it's made of sticks and branches. It appears to be very delicate. In reality; it's made of metal. It made us think that things aren't always what they seem. We suspect the artist might love wild horses. She creates lots of horse sculptures.

Woman Addressing the Public by Miro
@ The Kimbell Art Museum in Ft. Worth

This bronze statue shows various geometrical shapes.  When we studied this sculpture, we knew it was a human-like figure but with distortions.  We liked the statue but we couldn't touch it.  We prefer touchable art like the Vortex sculpture across the street. 

Lord Grosvenor's Arabian Stallion with a Groom By:George Stubbs at kimble

George Stubbs was the greatest painter of horses in those days.  He moved to Rome and painted animals like horses.  He loved horses and studied them especially the anatomy.  This is why he paints horses so well.