Redesigned Xopso gets increased Online Sale with FATbit’s Conversion Optimized Strategy

Fetching online sales is every brand’s goal but all of them don’t get to reach that mark as it demands strategic planning & smart design work. You can’t expect high conversion rate or great user satisfaction until your website delivers apt usability and meets all user requirements.

What can be the common usability issues in a website design?

What can be the common usability issues in a website design? Xopso, a Spanish brand of daily deals had similar troubles when it contacted FATbit. There were several big & small technical issues that were dropping traffic & affecting sales. FATbit worked on it redesign & fixed following issues with a well-planned eCommerce strategy:

  • Traffic and payment gateway issues
  • Out-of-date technology
  • Limited functionality & Non-responsive design

Here is the best eCommerce design inspiration for your site?

Whenever you set out to rebuild your online store, make sure that past errors don’t get repeated. Xopso is one example of that. The web design team has not just added user focused functionality to it but worked on upgrading its overall performance. All this happened after marketing experts analyzed target audience & existing competition.

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