Worms come in the colours of black,brown,red and white. They grow up to one arm long they are really gooey and squishy. When they are a baby they are as small as a finger nail.


The worms habitat is a worm farm, and a garbage bin. The worm farm is most common to worms habitat.


The worms shelter is mostly dirt, soil to be precise. It can also be compost but not rarely.

biological  relationship

The worms relationship is that its prey, and birds are its prey.

life cycle

The worms life cycle is in the eggs. Then L1 for 12 hours. Then L2 for 7 hours. After that L3 for another 7 hours. Almost when they are fully grown its L4 for 9 hours.Now they are fully grown and they are adults

food chain/web

The worms food chain starts off with compost to worms then a bird.

Interesting facts

Did you know red and black worms are deadly. And worms can grow up to about one arm length. If you take out the every thing above on the food chain will die out.


The worms biome is the grasslands its from all over the world.



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