How to prevent AIDS ?

AIDS, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, is a disease of the human immune system. It is transmitted primarily via unprotected sexual relation, contaminated blood transfusions, hypodermic needles, and from mother to child during pregnancy, delivery, or breastfeeding.

Contracting an AIDS can literally change your life. It is so important to protect yourself, and also, it is so easy! They are several ways you can protect yourself from AIDS, latex and polyurethane barrier methods, fewer partners, needle exchange, pregnancy and the most effective, the abstinence.

1. Abstinence: Is the simple choice of not having sexual relations. The chances of contracting diseases are none.

2. Latex and polyurethane barrier methods: Is the simple action of wearing an artificial protection like condoms (male and female), dentals dams, and finger cots. Never use male and female condoms at the same time.

3. Fewer partners : it’s the fact of not having sexual relation with a lot of people, this way, you reduce your chance of contracting an HIV/AIDS

4. Needle exchange: It is important to always use a new needle because it is so easy to contract a HIV/AIDS this way. Or at least, you have to strongly clean them. They are several programs that can give you free needle if you need some.

Pregnancy: pregnancy is the only way you can contract an HIV/AIDS without having the chance to protect yourself (in the case you are the baby). It is hereditable. If your mother is infected, you also have chance to contract the disease.

In most of the case, you have the chance to protect yourself of HIV/AIDS, so go ahead and dont play with your life, their is so much to lose when you can simply have fun in a safe environment !

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