The Moon's Importance
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8th Hour

The Moon's Role

The moon is very important because it causes tides, eclipses, and it has different phases. It also interacts with the sun and moon. The moon has a big role, because it's what causes tides and eclipses

We have 8 total moon phases. The reason we have moon phases is because of the amount of sunlight that reflects on the moon. When it's orbiting the phases of the moon change because the sun is only hitting on a part of the moon. So that is why we have different moon phases.

There are two types of tides. There are spring tides, neap tides, also low and high tides. These tides occur because of the moon's energy. The moon's energy attracts the water on earth and making tides.

There are two types of eclipses there's a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse. They occur when a shadow of an object stays between the sun and the earth. They affect Earth by changing the climate.

As you may see the Moon is very important. Without the Moon we would have absolutely no tides, and there would be no eclipses because there wouldn't  be anything that could cause it. We would also have different season changes all the time.

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