Shippensburg Pump Co., Distributor: Company History

Shippensburg Pump Company known as Shipco® is located in the rolling hills of the Cumberland Valley in south central Pennsylvania, near historic Gettysburg. People in this area are hard working, family oriented and committed to the quality of life available in the area. When ITT Industries acquired Shippensburg's Domestic Pump and relocated the production facilities to Morton Grove, Illinois only one employee was interested in leaving the Valley.

Shipco® was formed out of the jobless people left behind after the ITT purchase. Two of the original founders have been working in the pump industry since the early 1950s. The President and Chief Executive Officer have been in the industry since the early 1970s. Together these managers formed Shippensburg Pump Company, Inc. with the following objectives:

To utilize the skills and knowledge of the jobless people left behind.

To provide an improved and more standardized pump to fill the void in the replacement market.

With these initial objectives in mind, a product line was designed and targeted for the steam system market to offer the following improved features:

Receivers that are easier to pipe.

Pumps that are more efficient.

Industry standard motors that are easy to acquire and replace

A suction flange designed and manufactured to specifications so that it will bolt onto a majority of the existing cast iron and steel receivers already installed.

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