Haiti Earthquake

1.The earthquake left over 20,ooo homeless people. 2.It killed more then 7,500 people. 3.the earthquake struck in January, 2010. 4. They provide nearly 2,5oo medical consultation.5. They are providing cholera treatment.6. They are saving within 22 hours.7. In fall 2010 they completed there 1st C.M.E program.8. There were ore then 400 medical volunteers.9. They reach 723,255 community members.10. There were 300,000 people who were injured.11. On Tuesday, January, 12, 2010, 97.0 magnitude earthquake struck.12. There was at least 59 aftershocks.13. They trained more then 300 Haitian physicians to help the people.14. Altogether for the estimate of how many people were effected is 300 million.15. The local time when they the earthquake struck is 16:53.16. Over 188,383 houses were badly damaged.17. 25% of civil servants in port AU, prince died.18. They provided 34,000 people with shelter.19. It was located near the Caribbean sea.20. It covers an area of just 10,714 square miles.

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