Carnivores is a meat eater, Carnivore actually means (meat eater) in Latin .Carnivores are meat eaters. There are many different animals that are carnivores, the picture above is of a cheetah,cheetahs are carnivores just like the picture above that,that is a white tiger cub they are also carnivores. Here is a link to learn more about carnivores,did you know that the carnivores generally eats herbivores and also sometimes eat other carnivore. Carnivores  can also be called flesh eating animals, here is a list of some carnivores





Birds of Prey



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carnivores are very important

here are some websites and games to play, Its all about carnivores

carnivores are very well know as meat eaters. they are not known as anything else because they cant make their food and their not decomposers because they do not break down dead animals. they  are consumers because the  do consume food. they are carnivores and consumers.