Life as a Civil War Soldier

William Adams

My name is William Adams I am 20 year old. I am from Barring ton, Illinois. I am a Union soldier to fight against slavery and stop slavery from spreading around the world. My family was great but when I got home from working in the farms.All I saw was bodies everywhere and my wife and children dead. That's where everything changed. The whole North side depended on us. The battles where horrifying bodies fell in less then 10 seconds.  I just hope I could make it alive and go back to my home town.

Henry Jackson and William Adams

Henry: Hey.

William: Hey Grayback.

Henry: You all hunky-dory?

William: Actually, I am pretty played out.

Henry: Then this‘ll be mighty easy.

William: I’m a pretty hard case to crack.

Henry: Probably not as a jailbird.

William: You can’t possibly break me. I’m as fit as a fiddle.

Henry: (whispers) Skedaddle! First let me pretend to kill you, then run. Don’t let anyone see you.

William: Go and shoot me with your Pepper box.

Henry: Will you dodge and run, possum?

William: Yeah

Henry: *shoots next to his head and runs into the fight*

William: *runs away*

Camp Life:

Dear Friends,

The army finally found a hiding spot to set up camp and rest for a while but after that they make us work.I have to work on leaning the dishes and we have to train everyday to get ready to fight. All of us are tired of this doing the same thing everyday. One time they caught one of my friends stealing from one of his team mate and made him give all his stuff to someone else and make him hold the flag during the fight.

This image shows how their resting and eating and in the background their is a tent that means their at camp.

This image shows how it might like at morning when the soldiers wake up from a long day.

Jeremiah, when you choose to stay home with your mother  what caused you to make that choice?  I decided to stay with my mother because if I went with my brother to oin the confederacy army, I would live my mother all alone and no one to take care of her and I'll rather stay with my mother and take care of her.

Jeremiah , looking back what is something in your life that you are proud or happy about? I'am happy about making the right decision and joining the Union to stop slavery because slavery is bad people are treating them as wild animals , can't the confederacy army see that keeping humans as slaves is wrong their humans too. Also that I stayed home with my mother to take care of her.

Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life you wish had been different? I think I would of wish that James would of choose the Union because know that where in separate armies where going to have to fight each other.


This picture shows how a battle that happened and people stealing their stuff to help them at war.

In camp when I had free time I spent my time written letters to friends at home or sometimes play cards.But the things I did the most was train to become a higher rank so one day become a general. Sometimes I wounder if I m ever going to go back home alive with my friends and families. The food I like the most was Hardtack.

At camp I witnessed some horrible illnesses one of them was the lice people didn't know who had it and people keep on speeding it around. I also witnessed people getting shoot and the only way to saved them was to cut of their parts so they could try to stop the infection from spreading around the body. Many people don't get to live that long the wounded are treated with all the care they need and the dead we honer them for what they have done for us.

This is what people in the Civil War just to to when they had free time.

This is where most of the soldiers wife's lived in waiting for them to come back someday.

To my family at home the War is still going but I have a feeling that it's going to end soon. I miss you guys so much I wish I could go back home right know to see you guys. It's been a long time that I haven'y seen you and I hope to hear your voices and can't wait to give all of you hugs. I seen people cry for their wife's and sometimes I hear bad news that soldiers wife die and I hope while I was gone none of you guys died. If I die during the war, I would never forget you.

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