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Alzheimer's Walk!

By Riley Watson

Valentino's Best Fashion Week Looks

By Emma McEvoy

MLB Playoffs

By Brendan Bradley

The MLB playoffs are in full swing and the pennant race is heating up. There are only four teams left, and they are battling for a chance to play in this year's World Series. In the American League, the Baltimore Orioles swept the Detroit Tigers, who had the best record in baseball. The team they are set to play is the Kansas City Royals, who are in the playoffs for the first time in twenty-nine years. They defeated the Oakland Athletics in the Wild Card Round, and the LA Angels in the Division Series. In the National League, two heavyweight teams are set to square off. The San Francisco Giants, who won it all in 2010 and 2012, and the St. Louis Cardinals, who lost in the World Series last year, are set to avenge last year's disappointment. It has been a dramatic playoff so far with walk-offs, extra innings, and comeback wins.

Is college Worth the Cost?

By Brennan Ryan

Key Changes in the BGHS Handbook Come with New Rules for Students

By Dara Franceschi

     With the new school year comes a new set of rules. The biggestchange overall is the rule of graduation which is clarified in the school handbook.
     These include:1. “A minimum of 100 voluntary hours must be completed,”2. “A student’s financial obligation must be met,” and lastly,3. “The amount of credits needed to graduate must be completed.”
     According to Principal Kiefer, to be able to walk across the stage on graduation day, “students much fulfill the graduation requirements.”
     In addition to this new, enforced rule which was brought back from a couple of years ago, there are also a new set of rules which are making sure to keep everyone in line. These rules include:

1. Students who are more than 5 minutes late to the first period of the school day, but less than 15 minutes late, will be coded “A15. Students who accumulate 5 codes of A15in a semester will serve a Saturday school. Saturday school will also be served for each additional A15 code in a semester.”
2. “Students absent for dat/period of assessment are expected to take assessment NEXT school day. Students frequently absent may receive academic penalty.”
3. “Students gone on day of major assessment may makeup test, but will not be able to retest.”

     These new set of enforced rules are only a few, but they are the ones that faculty and administration are doing their best to make sure these are always followed.

October 13, 2014- October 18, 2014 Sports Calendar

Monday: Women's Soccer vs. Shadow Ridge at 3:30pm

Tuesday: Women's Golf Regionals in Anthem @ 12:30pm

Wednesday: Women's Soccer vs. Durango @ 3:30pm

Thursday: N/A

Friday: Football vs. Legacy @ 7pm

60th Anniversary of BGHS

By Barbie Butz

Taxing Teens

By Kyla Beecher

     The taxes taken out of working teen's paychecks may or may not be justifiable. The money that is taken out of teen's paychecks is used to pay taxes, assist in medicare, and provide money for welfare. At least 50 dollars someone makes, is 50 dollars they will never see. It should not be the responsibility of working teens, or any working person for that matter, to make sure the government has enough money to pay the unemployed and less fortunate of America. Yes, most do it unwillingly but that doesn't make it right. The money taken out for medicare is supposed to be going towards the employees medicare, but most will never see medicare in their lives. Most teens have absolutely no idea on what is going on in the working world and they need to be made aware of the groundless situation they are being thrusted into. Although this unjustness will still occur, working teens can be made aware of where their hard earned money is going. Taxes aren't going to be stopped anytime soon. However, knowing what is going on is enough. Something should be done.

Life is Beautiful

By Riley Griffith

Freshman and JV Football plays Durango

By Bryce Fielden

     The freshman game will start at 4:30 and they have a record of 3-1 and the JV game will start at 7:00 with the record of 3-2. The last game they play the freshman won 63-8 and they JV won 70-0 against shadow ridge. That was there first in state conference game.

iHeart Radio Music Festival

By Elizabeth On

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