By: Anna Carey

A girl named Eve trys to run away from a school that teaches trait to only girls and tells them about the dangers of men and the wilderness outside. when Eve decides to run away when she finds out that the king wants to meet her and she discovers that the school does bad things to the graduates. when she runs away she finds out that the world outside the walls of the school are not what she was told.

But wile she was at this school she was told about a place called The City of Sand. This is where all graduates were told they would go to live with there traits they have learned. Eve tryes to make this her final destination. Is this city real, will she survive the trip?

Quote:"I didn't know which was worse: to be killed by some brute animal or to be taken off with a wild Neanderthal on horseback"

Theme: There are dangers of ignorance.

I would recommend this book to some that likes stories were the main characters feeling are deeply outlined threw out the whole story.

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