Character Photo Essay

Rozi H.


   My setting is different everyday. But what's consistent about my setting is that wherever it be: my setting is where I feel comfortable. Whether it's in the dance studio or spending time with my family, or even just wasting precious time locked in my room, my setting is where I can express myself.  Wherever it may be, my setting represents me and my weird, loud self. Honestly, I can be anywhere and try to make the best of the situation as long as I've got someone there with me. However, I would have to say the place where I feel I can really express myself is the dance studio or the stage. Without dance I would have no way of expressing my true self, and in the dance studio or on stage I can actually do that.  

Inner Character

   To characterize my inner character, some might say that I am outgoing or loud and crazy, but there's much more to me. As much as I love to make people laugh, I am actually caring and might even care too much. I am honest, but not only because I seriously am terrible at lying. I guess you could say I have a pretty diverse personality and can't quite be categorized in any one group of people. However, I love to be adventurous and take chances. I can definitely be counted on and love being surrounded by people. My inner character is the farthest thing from shy, is actually rather social, and reflects how I am not afraid of taking risks.  


   My tone can't really be described in one word. My tone is usually very excited, upbeat and full of confidence. It is important to me to keep a positive outlook, and my tone will most of the time reflect that motive. Therefore, I try to keep an enthusiastic tone. I believe tone and attitude easily define someone and how they are portrayed, as well. Although, my tone can be quite calm and humble, depending on the specific situation, too. Not to mention, my tone can be rather sarcastic at times, too (sorry guys).


   I believe my Sweetheart boots and hat represent me and my character the best. My boots and my hat are not just objects because they represent me quite accurately. My raggedy boots represent how hardworking I can be and how much I hate giving up. They are a symbol of my ambition and how I always strive to do everything the best I can. I am dedicated and determined, and my hat and boots prove this with my devotion to Sweethearts.

Outer Character

"Rozita is an easy going person who enjoys being around different types of people and gets along well with everyone. She is a great team player and motivator. She is ambitious, enthusiastic, has high energy levels, and is often very full of life. She is a perfectionist and always challenges herself to improve at everything she does and will do whatever it takes to finish the tasks on time in a quality manner. Because of these qualities she is an over-achiever.  Her greatest desire is to be loved, appreciated, and acknowledged for all she is able to accomplish"


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