Hugo Chavez
by Matthew Ahnen

The life of hugo chavez

Hugo Chavez was born into a working class family in Sabaneta-Barinas on July 28th 1954. His family lived in poverty most of his young life so he was sent away to his grandmother Rosa who he descirbed as being a "pure human being". In the early seventies Chavez attended the Venezuelan Military Academy where he graduated in 1975 one of the top graduates of his class. In the late seventies Chaves joined a Marxist-lennin group, which he later based his own revolutionary ideas after. In the late 1980's Chavez lied to the people of Venezuela to gain political power by saying he would uphold the United States and their form of government but never stayed true to his word. Chavez was re-elected in 1998 because of his new political ideas he told the people of venezuela that he was "laying the foundationg of a new republic". Chavez served four terms as presidents from February 2nd 1999-March 5th 2013, where he died from a fatal heart attack.

Chavez Political Cartoon

To most Hugo Chavez was known as a hero to his country, but he did a lot of dirty work underneeth the table so to speak because he lied a lot to convince the people what he was doing was good and not bad, he also killed a lot of people who opposed him and his ideas. Which is why St. Peter is confused here because he has a halo over his head and angle wings on his back but he also has the tail of the devil and the horns of the devil as well. However they are somewhat darkened but not completly so we can still see them but they are almost obscured from our view, so we don't know what he has really done.

A Poem to Remeber Hugo Chaves


Oh Hugo!

Oh how we miss our oh great leader

Without you we would still be in poverty

Oh Hugo how you saved us from the west hibocracy

Oh Hugo, Oh Hugo!

A final thought

Even though Hugo Chavez did so much for Venezuela, do you think that his good actions out weigh his bad actions?