genetics diseases

genetics diseases-genetic disease or disorder is the result of changes, or mutations, in an individual’s DNA. genetics diseases is rare and is not natural. It get passed on by DNA. Genetic diseases can be inherited because they are mutations in the germ cells of the body—the cells involved in passing genetic information from parents to offspring. Genetic diseases can also result from changes in DNA in somatic cells, or cells in the body that are not germ cells.

Skin cancer-

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States. by exposure to the sun. they have to be careful on the beach and not stay on there long.

Environmental diseases

Environmental diseases are diseases that can  be directly attributed to environment factors.How its caused is by ex poser to like bad waste or something rotting or something that has a lot of germs on it. It could mutate a animal or hurt it. There isn't a cure but people can stop it before it happens. It could be in the air that how it could get around.

lung cancer-is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells that start off in one or both lung.Cigarette smoking is the main case of lung can mess there talking up they could get a whole in there neck.

Lifestyle choices

It is what we do everyday when we walk talk stuff like that. some people do or eat nasty stuff. that could make them sick our hurt there body. when u get sick it cold make u feel bad. there are cures for the little thing like cold and it could get u really sick where u hurt to death.

kiss people- can give u lip cancer. it is cause by kiss people. you can help it by not kiss people u don't know