Internet Safety
by: Bryton Carroll

Don't give out personal information. It is very important to keep your information a secret online. A stranger could find out where you live. Keep your identity a secret like on a game to not give away your name or gender in your screen name.

Don't talk to strangers. If you talk to a stranger bad things can happen, they might wanna meet in person and hurt you. They might not be who you think they are.

Don't reply to a text from a stranger. If you ever get a text or message from a stranger never reply. It is also good to tell a trusted adult.

Never share your password with other people. They can get you into trouble if they do bad things in your account. Do not share your password with strangers either, they can get into your account and find out your information.

Be careful of who you friend online. Don't add just anybody they could message you or even find out your information. Only add people you know, not people who know your friends.

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