Have you wondered how or why dogs where used in ww1?
dogs were big help in many ways like...
Justin jones and Gabe contreras

First, Terriers were a big help to the army because they were to find rats and kill them.

Second, Scout dogs,

Were also a big help because they were needed to be highly trained to smell enemy's 1000 yards away.

Next, casualty dogs

Were used for aid people because they carried supplies on them and they could smell for wounded men.

Last, the messenger dogs

Because they were used to carry messages and, they were a lot faster.

Have you also wondered who had the biggest army/ comparison

Well the Russian army had the biggest army approximately 1,400,000 soldiers active on duty.

The British army had the smallest army approximatly 400,000 soldiers.

That's a 1,000,000 differents apart.

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