52 IN 52

The 52 records that define my love for music

Week 13/Album 13

Who: Talking Heads "True Stories"

When: 1987

Why: I want my MTV! In 1987, my family got it.

This was the first video I ever remember seeing. I was blown away. I had no clue who the Talking Heads were. (Although, I can put "Burning Down the House" as the first song of theirs I heard thanks to "Revenge of the Nerds", which I taped onto Beta from my TV) The idea of watching musicians play their instruments was a new concept to me. Sure, I understood how playing music went, but to see something visual behind it, ruled. I sat in front of my TV for days watching videos. I remember loving this song so much that I waited to record it for a couple days. I can tell you everything that happens in this video almost frame by frame, that's how much I watched it. The 80's were great for videos, and every artist was trying to out do the next video (See Week 14 for that one) but this video was just so much fun. I eventually grabbed "True Stories" a couple years later and was pleasantly surprised how good the rest of the album was. I'm actually one of the rare people that like the Talking Heads later stuff more than their early stuff. I love the "Naked" record too!

Where: I never got to see the Talking Heads, like most people I know. But you can bet your ass if they ever make nice and decide to play again, Ill be there.


"Love for Sale" was the follow up single/video to "Wild Wild Life" and just as entertaining. Great record, great band.

In the late 80's early 90's, MTV was a great source of hearing new music. You could put faces with names. You could see the songs you hear on the radio. As a kid, it was mind blowing, and it changed music forever.