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Flipping out in fifth grade!!

Solar Storm of 2015 Meets 1939 War of the Worlds!!  What will happen when the storm hits?  We listened to parts of Orson Welles' War of the Worlds and discussed the new technologies of the late 1930s.  We then we researched the Solar Storm of 2015.  Here is the link to the sqworl that contains the articles we read and videos that we watched.  After completing a science experiment where we made our own auroras (Click here to see it), students were asked to create their own 2015 Solar Storm War of the Worlds broadcast! They were encouraged to use descriptive language, figurative language, and different tones, inflections, and pitch in their voices when recording.  Some of these recordings are pretty intense!  I'm glad that it's just a radio broadcast!  We definitely may have some radio personalities on our hands!  :)

Socratic Seminar!
Check out our first attempt at a Socratic Seminar!  My students LOVED researching the Great Depression and the New Deal through the use of their sqworl site (feel free to visit at ).  I gave students 4 thick questions to research.  We did not talk about their findings as a whole group, small group, or partners.  This seminar was the first time that we discussed the topics.  Allowing my students to become responsible for their learning definitely paid off.  This video is a short clip of the first 3 minutes with the first group (I split the class into two groups; the group you will see in the back is listening and writing notes about the conversation)  I wish that I had recorded more, but I was enjoying the conversation so much that I put the iPad down.  I hope to incorporate more of these types of learning opportunities in my classroom.  Enjoy!  :)  

2014-2015 Supply List
1 3" binder* (must be 3" to fit spiral notebooks, folders, and agenda)
3 one subject spiral notebooks*
1 five subject spiral notebook*
3 two pocket folders* (with no prongs - will need holes for binder)
4 dozen #2 pencils**
2 packs notebook paper
1 box crayons
1 box markers
1 box colored pencils
1 box tissues
1 pair of scissors
1 container of Clorox wipes
2 packages of glue sticks**
1 pack of dry erase markers (for student use)

Classroom Wish List
Pink Erasers
Pack of highlighters

Rodeo Round-Up
Monday, August 4
See you there!!!

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