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Presently residing in La Jolla, California, Bharat Lall, MD, maintains the roles of CEO and president at Pinnacle Hotels USA. Through the company’s headquarters in San Diego, Dr. Lall directs the company's business initiatives in the United States, which include several vacation properties. Dr. Bharat Lall and Pinnacle Hotels currently own nine midscale hotels in California, Ohio, and Texas, in addition to several luxury resorts in Thailand. More information about Pinnacle Hotels USA is available at

Dr. Lall began transitioning his career from the medical field to the hospitality industry during the late 1980s. In 1990, he acquired his first vacation property, a 12-room motel in Coronado, California. Dr. Lall and his business partners went on to purchase a number of underperforming hotels and resell them after reversing their decline. During the following decade, Dr. Lall developed a comprehensive understanding of the factors involved in a hotel's market success, including branding, outward appearance, and staff performance. He applies his hotel management skills in his current leadership role at Pinnacle Hotels USA, which he accepted in 1998.

China Puts Billions of Dollars in U.S. Hotel Investments

Bharat Lall serves as the CEO of Pinnacle Hotels USA. An established authority in hotel investment, Bharat Lall has over two decades of experience from which he draws remarkable insights into the industry.

Chinese corporations have expended $5 billion in U.S. hotel investments in the past five years and are still looking to invest more billions in the next five years. In 2015 alone, Chinese insurance companies invested about $2.4 billion in U.S. hotels.

The surge in U.S. hotel investments is likely caused by the Chinese commerce ministry lifting the condition requiring Chinese investors to obtain approval for foreign investments over $100 million. In addition, the Chinese government has been strongly urging its insurance companies to invest abroad to avoid downturns in the Chinese economy.

A research firm based in New York has projected a $73-million investment in real estate abroad by Chinese insurance companies between 2016 and 2020. With this estimate, the target markets in the U.S. and U.K. will likely continue experiencing large investments and acquisitions in their hotel properties.

Hyatt Regency North Dallas - A Premier Business Travel Destination

Since 1998, Bharat Lall has headed operations at Pinnacle Hotels USA. As the company’s president and CEO, he has increased market reach from Pinnacle’s base in San Diego to other locations in Southern California and beyond. Bharat Lall’s acquisitions on behalf of Pinnacle include nine hospitality locations, including the Hyatt Regency North Dallas, in Texas.

The Hyatt Regency offers business travelers a highly desirable location, close to the North Central Expressway and to downtown Dallas and the Telecom Corridor, which continues to attract some of the world’s top talent in technology and finance. At the Hyatt Regency North Dallas, amenities for busy professionals include complimentary Wi-Fi access as well as upscale fitness, breakfast, and cocktail experiences.

Guests also enjoy the hotel’s business center, open 24 hours a day, which offers individual workstations. Professionals can conduct meetings in the comfortable and spacious boardrooms on site, and can easily manage a variety of computing, copying, and printing tasks in the business center.

The hotel also provides complimentary transportation to major companies situated within five miles of its property.

The Economic Issues Facing the Hospitality Industry in 2017

The president and chief executive officer of Pinnacle Hotels USA, Bharat Lall, MD, is a real estate and hospitality industry executive. An expert in transforming the fortunes of underperforming hotels, Dr. Bharat Lall operates with an eye toward the latest trends in hospitality.

According to the Deloitte Travel and Hospitality Industry Outlook 2017, a variety of economic factors will affect the hospitality industry throughout the year. Deloitte notes that demand for all sorts of trips should stay consistent throughout the year due to solid consumer spending. However, hoteliers must find ways to compete with the rising tide of online private accommodation providers, many of which offer more personalized experiences to travelers at a lower cost. Beyond this, all travel and hospitality companies must stay vigilant against common external issues, such as food safety, while potentially preparing for an increasing number of cyber-attacks.

The report also notes that legacy airlines face challenges in 2017 as a result of rising oil prices and changing labor deals, both of which affect airline operating costs. These cost increases may have a knock-on effect for the hospitality industry, especially if the costs get passed on to the consumer.

Pinnacle Offers Luxurious, Affordable Stay at Marriott Riverside

Marriott Riverside at the Convention Center in San Diego, California, is among the portfolio of hotels overseen by Bharat Lall and his team at Pinnacle Hotels USA. Bharat Lall’s quarter century of experience in the real estate investment sector has enabled him to grow Pinnacle to become a significant player in its market niche, currently holding a total of nine properties in California and Texas.

At the Marriott Riverside, guests experience the distinctive ambiance of the city’s historic downtown. Visitors have praised the quality of the hotel’s service and the convenience of its location. The Marriott offers nearly 300 guest rooms and the C3 Restaurant and Bar, as well as 14,000 square feet of space dedicated to business travelers.

The hotel lies an easy walk away from the Mission Inn, a San Diego landmark since 1876. The area’s Temecula Valley offers the opportunity to take a day trip to some of California’s finest wineries.

In addition, the hotel’s proximity to the University of California, Riverside, means that students’ families have access to an affordable location offering a wide variety of full-service amenities.

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