Bharat Lall

Steers Pinnacle Hotels USA toward Success

About Bharat Lall

Presently residing in La Jolla, California, Bharat Lall, MD, maintains the roles of CEO and president at Pinnacle Hotels USA. Through the company’s headquarters in San Diego, Dr. Lall directs the company's business initiatives in the United States, which include several vacation properties. Dr. Bharat Lall and Pinnacle Hotels currently own nine midscale hotels in California, Ohio, and Texas, in addition to several luxury resorts in Thailand. More information about Pinnacle Hotels USA is available at

Dr. Lall began transitioning his career from the medical field to the hospitality industry during the late 1980s. In 1990, he acquired his first vacation property, a 12-room motel in Coronado, California. Dr. Lall and his business partners went on to purchase a number of underperforming hotels and resell them after reversing their decline. During the following decade, Dr. Lall developed a comprehensive understanding of the factors involved in a hotel's market success, including branding, outward appearance, and staff performance. He applies his hotel management skills in his current leadership role at Pinnacle Hotels USA, which he accepted in 1998.

China Puts Billions of Dollars in U.S. Hotel Investments

Bharat Lall serves as the CEO of Pinnacle Hotels USA. An established authority in hotel investment, Bharat Lall has over two decades of experience from which he draws remarkable insights into the industry.

Chinese corporations have expended $5 billion in U.S. hotel investments in the past five years and are still looking to invest more billions in the next five years. In 2015 alone, Chinese insurance companies invested about $2.4 billion in U.S. hotels.

The surge in U.S. hotel investments is likely caused by the Chinese commerce ministry lifting the condition requiring Chinese investors to obtain approval for foreign investments over $100 million. In addition, the Chinese government has been strongly urging its insurance companies to invest abroad to avoid downturns in the Chinese economy.

A research firm based in New York has projected a $73-million investment in real estate abroad by Chinese insurance companies between 2016 and 2020. With this estimate, the target markets in the U.S. and U.K. will likely continue experiencing large investments and acquisitions in their hotel properties.

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