Mobile Apps To Use In A K-12 Classroom

By: Brooke Hodgson

App #1: Bunsella Bedtimes Story

This app allows students to narrate a children's story. This can be of their own creation or a narration of a previously written novel. This story can be then sent to any other participant, and the other participant is allows to respond to these stories.

For an example of use in a K-12 Classroom: In perhaps a High School English course, I would have my students create their own children's story. After this is completed, I would allow them to choose who to share it with. These stories can be shared with a local elementary class, a younger sibling, or perhaps an under-privilaged school located in another country.

App #2: FlixLab

This is an app that can be used to create movies

With this app, in my classroom I can give students the opportunity to create their own film related to course content. For example, in my High School English class, I would allow my students to re-enact their favourite scene from Hamlet. This allows the students to get in touch with their creative side while still building a fundamental understanding of the plot with a text that pertains heightened language.

App #3: Posterous

This app is used to create poems or audio stories.

Posterous is another great app that can be used for either a Jr. High or High School course. The student could, for example, create a spoken-word poem that is related to whatever topic they choose. Creativity is an important tool that often goes overlooked in Education. I would love to hone this in each student I have and encourage this through the use of Posterous.

App #4: VoiceThread

VoiceThread is an app used so that students can post videos, drawings, images and more that can be commented on and shared by peers.

A student can use VoiceThread to create a post that is related to class material, such as Cell Biology, and have their fellow classmates comment on various elements to build an educational discussion on the topic discussed in class.

App #5: FotoBabble

FotoBabble allows you to take a photo and tell a story related to that specific photograph.

You could have students take a photo of something that reminds them of a specific scene that they enjoyed in a text we are studying in a High School English or Drama course. The students can then comment on why they chose that photo and relate it to specific examples in the text.

App #6: Mobl21

This app allows you to create many different things such as FlashCards, study guides, and quizzes. It gives manage content to allow the teacher to manage student activity. Mobl21 allows students to publish to a variety of devices such as Apple and Microsoft.

Teachers, for example, can use this app to create a study guide for a Math 20 exam for their students. The students can then access this guide any time, any place, and anywhere.

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