WANTED - Sika Deer

Warning! - The Sika Deer (Animal)

Description - Known to be spotted upon reaching maturity, color of Sika deer could be mahogany to black, and also white. Very large 150–24 lb. in weight and 20 to 43 in height. this deer could also be known to be called Spotted deer or Japanese deer. The Sika is native to much of East Asia and lots in japan and china.

Image Of Sika Deer:

The Sika Deer is even been known to charge or headbutt humans that approach them. Not a friendly animal and you should be carful and approach with caution at all times the Sika deer is sometimes aggressive.

Sika Deer is Vilified for causing car accidents, nibbling on gardens or consuming cash crops, and spreading diseases. This deer is known to cause farmers to lose crops and the niche in it lives in is common with the whitetail deer and the red deer its possible that it could interbreed with them, giving them the opportunity to develop hybrid species causing more problems.

Many say that this deer is becoming an terrible invasive species and needs to be stopped so it can't cause more destruction. to people and cause farmers to lose there crops and much more.

Location of largest Sika population (Japan/China):

This species is a very very large one similar to the white tail deer right now there is are over 30 million whitetail deer in the country, and they exceed their carrying capacity in many areas already. because the sika deer lives in the same niche or location of the white tail deer and red deer it is possible to interbreed with them, giving them the opportunity to develop hybrid species.

People are the reason that this is in the united states so many ask how can this sika deer be controlled and  hopefully not breed and interbreed with other deer and become as large and over populated as the white deer problem thats current already up to 30 million + whitetail deer in this country. well there are permits available to hunt sika deer for sport and food to try and cut the unnecessarily large population number down. but most likely this will do little to control their population level and hopefully that Natural predators could make an impact like wolves etc that could hunt them.





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