Animal Farm

Born Eric Arthur Blair 1903 in India

English education at Eton

Joined Indian Imperial Force in 1922, but left five years later, unhappy with British imperialism

Committed Socialist

Moved to Spain in 1936 and served in Spanish Civil War (he was shot in the neck and arm by a sniper)

Diagnosed with tuberculosis in 1938, which would plague him for the remainder of his life (Died from the disease in 1950)

Worked as a journalist for many well-known publications (BBC, Tribune)

Found most success with Animal Farm (1945) and 1984 (1949)

Animal Farm is a SATIRE that is meant to criticize Josef Stalin's leadership.

Satire is a way of using humor to emphasize the negative aspects of something to show how foolish, absurd, weak, etc., something or someone is. Satire is used with the hope that it will inspire change. Orwell wrote Animal Farm to satirize Stalin's reign in Russia.

Animal Farm is also an ALLEGORY for the Russian Revolution

An ALLEGORY is a story that uses characters and events to symbolize human characteristics or events. It is a story with two levels of understanding: 1) the basic surface understanding of the plot and 2) the symbolic or deeper meaning of what the story is really about.

An ALLEGORY is the complete narrative, while SYMBOLS are used within that narrative to represent a person, event, or abstract idea that can be used in different ways throughout a literary work.

Other examples of allegories include...

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Other information adapted from Ms. Burnham's Animal Farm intro presentation.