Final Solution Tackk

Project Description

Students will need to create a multimedia Tackk that achieves one of two tasks:

1) Focus on ONE aspect of the Final Solution in-depth

Your choices are:

  • A term or phrase connected with the persecution of the Jews (e.g. "pogrom")
  • Acts/Laws aimed at impacting the Jews (e.g. Nuremberg Laws)
  • Significant events that impacted the Jews (e.g. Kristallnacht/Liquidation of the Ghettos, etc.)
  • Important meetings that changed the course of events in Jewish History (e.g. Wannsee Conference)


2) Provide an overview of the Final Solution, highlighting the different aspects of the whole process.

Your presentation could include:

  • The rounding up of the Jews, from all over Europe, into concentration/death camps
  • Experience of being at a concentration camp
  • Death Camps - how did they differ from concentration/work camps?
  • Gas Vans
  • Eisatzgruppen (Mobile Killing Units)
  • Use of gas chambers/removal of bodies through mass burnings

Project Requirements

Your will show your research and understanding of your topic by creating a multimedia Tackk that includes the following minimum requirements:

  1. An overview/description of your topic area. This should include key people, dates, and events - minimum one paragraph.
  2. At least TWO images relating to your topic. For each image, there will be a written explanation underneath that highlights the significance and explains why you chose that image.
  3. ONE other form of media (e.g. video, cartoon, podcast, radio interview, etc.) relating to your topic. A written evaluation of your media choice will accompany it to explain why you have chosen to include that piece of media in your Tackk.
  4. A properly MLA formatted works cited section.


You have one class to work on this, so be sure to use your time wisely! All projects should be submitted by the start of class on Monday (12/14).

When you first click the link below, be sure to SIGN IN by clicking the blue "sign in" button at the top of the page.

When you are ready to submit your Tackk, be sure to press the green "Publish Tackk" button in the bottom right corner of your control panel. Close out the sharing window, then click the gray "copy" button next to the new link that appears. Add this link to the form in your assignment on Google Classroom (Block 3 Block 4). Then you are done!

**Your project will be worth 30 points in Competency P - Problem Solving**

Background Image Credit

Mucha, Stanislaw. KZ Auschwitz, Einfahrt. 1945. German Federal Archives, Koblenz. Wikimedia Commons. Web. 5 Dec. 2015.