Senior Project @ BHS

Mission Statement

Senior Project at Bedford High School is the culmination of a student's journey through school and life experience in which they learn about and explore a passion or interest in a self-directed, independent manner. Students will use skills preparing them for real world situations by synthesizing information from a variety of sources. The projects will demonstrate students' significant and substantive research and application of knowledge, reflecting school competencies. Each student's Senior Project Journey concludes with a public presentation during a school-wide celebration.


Inconvenienced Teacher

'Waste of Time' Student

Evaluating Work - Skeptical Teacher

Disappointed Teacher

Getting Closer to SP Mission

We hope to address the following in the 2015-2016 school year:

  • Lack of true community involvement on the high school level
  • Personalized learning (eliminate case loads of up to 40 students)
  • Reinforce the importance of the Senior Project curriculum

Proposed Plan

Independent Study

  • All professional staff (teachers, counselors, administrators, etc) will have 2-3 students to mentor while students participate in their SP Independent Journey
  • All students will participate in the Independent Study unless they are an IB diploma student

Meeting Times

  • Staff will meet with their students either Tuesday or Thursday each week during the advisory period to check in with students and guide them along their journey
  • Meeting day will be predetermined (more likely based on location of advisory)
  • Students will be required to attend meeting times
  • MST students will be paired with mentors whose schedules are more flexible

PROPOSED Advisory Days Next Year

Monday - Club Meeting Day

Tuesday - 1/2 Senior Project Day

Wednesday - Advisory Day

Thursday - 1/2 Senior Project Day

Friday - Advisory Day


  • Curriculum has been designed by the Senior Project Committee members
  • Mentors use pre-developed curriculum to guide students and make sure they are on task
  • Videos will be created for students to learn the curriculum as staff WILL NOT be instructing students. These short videos will also help with giving one clear message to all students participating in SP
  • Students will have ability to drop by Study Hall room to work on senior project assignments and/or ask questions


  • Time will be devoted to train the whole staff on workshop days as well as at faculty meetings.
  • Each day there will be a teacher available for senior project support for both students and staff. This staff member will help answer questions. (Study Hall duty)
  • Since the curriculum lives online, most questions can be answered by visiting the Senior Project Website

Reporting Assignments

  • Staff can use the other SP day they don't meet with their students to look at student work if desired
  • Staff can also choose to have student meetings if desired during the other SP day

Celebration 'Week'

  • Currently Senior Project Celebration Week lasts 4 days (week prior to seniors leaving)
  • Great celebration vibe highlighting work that all students accomplished
  • GOAL: make this a true all school celebration and allow mentors to sit on their student's panel
  • Celebration Week turns into Celebration Day(s) - presentations happen in every classroom and all students attend
  • New Celebration 'Week' occurs in May

Time Line

  • Explanation of vision for Senior Project to staff at April 2015 department meeting
  • Future Senior Class meeting May 2015 to explain Senior Project Expectations
  • Formal training to full staff during beginning school year workshop day
  • Approximately 35 meeting times between mentors and students throughout the school year
  • Senior Project Celebration Day(s) May 2015


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