February 2-6, 2015

TCEA 2015

Shared Learning from Sessions Attended

***None of this information belongs to me, it is linked from presentations attended as resources were shared via the presenters.

Blended Learning- Day 1

Planning, Implementing and Sustaining a Blended Learning Program 2015

IPAD Academy- Day 2

Keynote Speaker: Leslie Fisher

Augmented Reality Resources Shared by Leslie


1. Lessons Learned from First Year 1:1

  • Pine Tree ISD (started with brand and logo- PowerUpPT!)
  • Budget (some things researched and found to be best practices were restricted by budget- especially staffing for support- coordinator for K-5, 6-8, and 9-12; one time maintenance and usage fee- wording checked with legal based on funding source used)
  • Infrastructure and Technical Information (parent choice in checkin/checkout model vs. take-home model, do not collect in the summer- will be within acceptable amount of loss/usage, but have a signage form for summer)
  • Professional Learning/Staff Development (google apps, summer tech camps for teachers, messaging the "why?", student training)
  • Instructional Technology: Student/Teacher Support (iDoctors-students and adults; PLC focused on integration; digital citizenship (common sense media); centrally located help desk)
  • Campus Perspective: Deployment/Day-to-day Activities

Project Based Learning to Shift Educator Mindset in a 1:1 Environment through the Buck Institute for Education

2. 3-S: Where to Start with iPad Integration (holli.horton@esc2.)

Initial Training with Teachers

  • Settings- Connect Wifi (explaining wifi use at school vs. home and troubleshooting options)
  • AppStore- Download iBooks (you can use any of the sharing options, but baseline proficiency using iBooks- fist upload is iPad User Guide for IOS 8.1, etc.)
  • Safari vs. AppStore (googling for how-tos and programs you may want to use for certain projects- example of creating infographics; AppStore can then be used to find the corresponding app; checking compatibility of apps vs. current version of iOS)   
  • Settings- Checking Apple ID and Syncing to Computer FAQs
  • Converting things teachers know- Word Walls into Virtual Mind Maps
  • Tech Camps- Give an introduction to the students on suggested apps and then get out of the way.  Use their learning and productivity to drive later teacher PD.

3. Our 1:1 Journey- Lewisville ISD

  • Technical Implementation (Filter: Content Keeper)
  • Determine what teachers, kids, and parents want. (Digital citizenship, DC Open Course, Parent Info; routing both home and school use through district filter at all times)
  • What we did that could have been done better, and we are now adjusting for year 3
  • Instructional Support is a MUST at the district and campus level (and building support that gives teachers LOTS and LOTS of time to spend time in substitution of SAMR model- average person spends 12-18 months at each level in implementing the model as a whole in the classroom)
  • Re-defining support through coaches: (Emphasis on gradual release methodology; modeling and co-teaching; designing lessons collaboratively to focus on student creation and embedded formative/summative assessment; instructional focus on inquiry/PBL/PrBL; and supporting reflection and cognitive coaching sessions; Training: Cognitive Coaching-Coaching for Results Global: Level 1 only, Critical Friends, and Buck Institute; picking Top 3 Apps in each category to focus training on each year)  

4. Versatile iPads for iEngage

5. Technology Integration Assessment

Richardson ISD Presenting and Provided Code to iTunesU Course for Resources

6. Google Apps on IOS: 2015 Edition

General Sessions- Day 3

1. Using Google Drive and Classroom as LMS

  • Create a class folder and share the entire folder so that the pre-set rights you assign to the folder will automatically be set for every document you share with that class, and you will have flexibility to change the access rights to individual documents without the headache of pre-assigning rights to every document shared  
  • What do we know about the Google Drive?

    2. The Changing Face of College and Career Readiness (El Paso ISD)

      • Separate CCTE Campus for students to choose their pathway courses and district is able to provide more options because students travel to the CCTE campus to complete specialized pathway courses as Juniors and Seniors
      • SureScore or other Career Inventory Programs for students to self-assess before choosing
      • How do you plan to ensure that your students are successful in the pathway offerings your district provides? Ask yourself, how do these offerings link to the realities and needs of the local economy landscape of the region/community in which our students live?

      3. 1:1 Success- Put an iPad in Every Kid's Hand (Lewisville ISD Deployment Practices)