Declaration of Independence

Carter Chelton

Unalienable Rights- Unalienable Right are rights that can not be taken away from anyone, not just in America, but everyone on Earth. Thomas Jefferson said, "that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." Great Britain had taken away the Colonists' freedom by not letting them have representation in the government and by having unfair taxes.

Government by Consent- Government by consent is saying that a government cannot do anything without approval of who is being governed. Parliament was issuing taxes without having a vote at all. The colonists wanted representation in Parliament so they couldn't do this.

Without a government having consent of the governed, they would not always give what the people want. If they hold a vote, it is what the majority of the people want. The people need to stand up for unalienable rights and consent of the governed. If people don't stand up for what they deserve, the government can rule them without any argument and be unfair.

I think that the principle of government by consent is still true today. The government always holds votes when making something new. The majority of the people (who voted) shows what will happen. Unalienable rights are being taken away from people. We have the right to get a job, but sometimes smokers, people with disabilities, immigrants, etc. don't always get jobs and are looked down at.

These principles do matter to me. I think everyone should be treated equal (unless they have committed a crime) and have the same rights. Some countries are being ruled over by 1 or a group of people. All their rights are taken away and they work for the leaders. This is not how the world should be.

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