Internet Safety for Kids

Protect your self or wreck yourself .

1.   Never give out your PERSONAL INFORMATION.

2.   Never agree to get together with someone you meet online without first checking with your guardian’s attention.

3.   Never give out your code or/and password to anyone even you best friend.

4.   When playing a game NEVER put your last name or/and date of birth (DOB).

5.   Don't put your personal information for ads that are just blinking or just popped up. If you do your information will be stolen which is called IDENTITY THEFT. They will steel your money you worked for.

6.   Always listen to the age minimum to register on social media.

7.   Never write someone back who is making feel uncomfortable or scared.

8.   Don't get confused and think your talking to a 12 year old but in reality you talking to a 34 year old.

9.   Knowing your digits is one thing and knowing what to do or what not to do with them. (phone number, address, age, DOB, Social Security number etc.)

10.   Its important to log off because it will keep you email and stuff

Internet safety is important because if follow these 10 rules you'll get your self out of harms way. So protect yourself or wreck your, the choice is yours. Personal information is personal which means no should know its private. That includes your digits. Digits are your address, phone number, age, DOB (date of birth), email, etc. You make sure that you are protected at all times. Also get your parents involved in a suspicious situation. If someone gets your address and comes to your home and trust me you don't want anyone randomly coming to your home. So remember these facts to be safe. Safety comes first.

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