Want to inhabit, then get John Cabot!

I am seeking a grant from King Henry VII

Why Fund me?

My previous explorations along the Mediterranean have been extremely successful. They have also given me the qualifications needed for this exploration. I also know that many English men that have come to you seeking a grant have failed in their journeys.  That is why I would be helpful to have. On top of that, sailing is in my blood. When I was 11, my family moved to Venice and I had learned to sail there.  Along with that, I have what other explorers don't have. Confidence! I am extremely confident in my work. Many other explorers are not confident when they are sailing and as you know, that can lead to casualties. I know that you want to put your money in the right place and person, so I assure you that you can be happy in your choice to fund my exploration.  

What for?

I know that riches and silks from China are needed at this time. Sadly, the only way to get to China is by land and by paying middlemen. I believe a way I could do this is by water. I know that other European explorers have already tried this method (such as Christopher Columbus) but I believe that my method will work. I have been fetching a plan to get to the "Indies" by sailing west at a northerly latitude, where the voyage from Europe will be shorter.  If granted, I plan to leave in 1495.

Personal Information?

I was born in Italy around 1450. The original year, I will not tell. In 1476 I had moved to Venice and become a Venetian citizen. I also fell in love. No details necessary but I married a women named Mattea. We had three strong sons. In the 1490's I moved to Spain, then England. My original name is Giovanni Caboto. My english name is what you call me by, John Cabot.


Yes, there will be some complications. Many explorers are untruthful and say that they are expecting a perfect trip. We all know that is incorrect. Some complications I am excepting to have are sea storms. I am planning to go from a northerly latitude where sea storms are potential. I plan to prepare my men as vastly as I can for sea storms. Now many are worried about the native peoples. I plan to keep my distance. If triggered, violence is an option. I am not too worried, mainly because I do not think we will encounter any.


Yes, gold. The beauty of all nations, the language of all languages. Gold demonstrates power and beauty. I am hoping to pick up some gold from this expedition. If successful, England will be guaranteed fame and unlimited power. All of the nations combined will be in awe of England's power. We will be the nation all nations want to visit. We will be like China, India, and many more. Think of all the possibilities. Alas, these are only promised with my expedition granted the money it needs for this to happen...


God is always upon us. He is always with us. Christianity is a wonderful journey of ups and downs. If I do encounter native americans, I will try to convert them to Christianity. If I succeed, many countries will bow down at our greatness. They will wonder how we managed to get native americans in a different world, to convert to Christianity. I wonder if even God himself will wonder how we did it! Again, it is only possible with your help and funding.

Grant granted?

Now that I have hopefully answered all of your questions, there is nothing more to do than act! Fund my exploration, grant my grant. Think of how happy you will be if this is granted. I could go to the Indies, (or where Christopher Columbus had landed) and find all the answers. I could get the gold, create more Christians, and more importantly make you happy. You could become wealthy upon your wildest dreams. I am not like the past english explorers that failed numerous times. I am a proud, Italian man and I am ready to serve England and explore the unexplored. Now, all I need is you.

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3 years ago

This is really great Meghna!!!

3 years ago

I would fund, that's for sure.