Step 1:When you first get your Chromebook you put 3 stickers that has your name on it. You put the sticker on your Chromebook your charger and your bag.

Press add user and add yourself put in your password and username then it will log you on and it will bring you to your home screen.

Step 2. you take a picture of you for your screensaver.

Step 3. then it will bring you to a screen that says Liberty LEADS-Elementary.

step 5. Mrs. Hanes scan your computer like a book.

Step 6. Your password for your computer is your lunch number.

When you are on G-mail and you send something bad and you didn't mean it it’s already out. And you can’t delete it well you can but if they already read it it’s bad news for you and your friend. Every time you get mad don’t go home on your computer and type mean things about him or her.

The next day you see your friend in class you need to say you're sorry like you mean it. So never post something mean about your friend it could really hurt your friends feelings.

If you want to customize your wallpaper you can go to CC Search and google search. When you have your wallpaper you click on the picture you want and it will have a lot of options and if it doesn't have say save image as you can't pick it like you can’t get an Under Armor or Nike background.

So if you have a wallpaper you like click your little picture at the bottom of your screen and it will say settings or at your home screen click anywhere and it will say settings and you go to settings when you're there it will say set wallpaper and at the top it will say custom you click that and it will have a little box with a plus sign and click that when you do that it will say choose file and hit that and its usually the first won And there you go thats how to change your backround.

If you're Chromebook shuts down and it doesn't turn on then its dead.

you will need to charge it for maybe an hour or so then it might last the rest of the day and if it’s under 2:00 at the end of the day charge it but if it is friday dont charge or it will fry the battery.

If you drop it you will have to wait until a new won comes in. and you will have to pay 40 dollars.

If youge it. And over the weekend you charge it don’t forget it’s on the charger or it will fry the battery. Make sure if you do charge it I would do it at night so it is good for the next day. Make sure you keep your charger close so you don't lose it and if your case has a pocket where it can hold it. If I were you I know i would do it.

r computer shuts off and wont turn back on that means its dead and you need to char

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