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Biathlon Outline

The sport biathlon is a combination of cross country and rifle shooting. The objective of the sport is for each person to ski to a firing range with a rifle attached to their backs. Once they reach firing range, they must shoot at 5 targets. They complete 3 or 4 rounds of skiing/shooting.


The distance the participants ski to the firing range is about 3-5 kilometers away.

The targets are 50 meters away.

The rifle used is a .22 caliber.

If the participant misses a target, they receive a penalty. The penalty is they must ski 150 meters around before they continue shooting. They receive that penalty every time they miss a target.


The equipment used includes:

1.Arm Sling (to stabilize rifle 2. Boots 3. Harness 4. Target 5. Ski poles 6. Ski suit

Rules of Biathlon and How to Prepare Yourself

The rules of the sport include:

1. Use the shooting position asked for 2. If you don't hit 5 targets, accept the penalty 3. Method of skiing 4. Types of races

How an athlete would prepare themselves for their event:

1. Practice shooting targets at far distances 2. Ski at fast speeds 3. Lift weights (to prepare for skiing with an armed rifle)

Famous Biathlon Athletes

Three Famous people that participate in a biathlon are:

1. Andrea Henkel from Germany 2. Michael Greis from Germany 3. Tim Burke from the USA

Biathlon Background

The biathlon started in the winter Olympics in 1960 at Squaw Valley, California.

The biathlon grew from hunting and military practices because in Scandinavia, in order to get around for hunting they had to ski through snow. Biathlon comes from Greek origins.

Ancient Olympics Information/Events

The Ancient Olympics were first help back in 776 BC. They took place in Greece. The Ancient Olympics were put on to be dedicated to the Olympian Gods.

The events included:

1. Wrestling:(form of military exercise; w/out weapons/ ended when participant asked for defeat) 2. Boxing: (used hard leather straps causing disfigurement in opponent's face) 3. Pankration: (form of martial arts; combination of wrestling and boxing; toughest sport) 4. Running: (3 different running contests; stade race, the diaulos, and dolichos) 5. Jumping: (used lead weights to increase jump distance) 6. Discus throw: (discus originally made of stone; later formed of lead/bronze; similar to today's freestyle discus throw) 7. Chariot racing: (took place in wide, flat, open spaces) 8. Javelin throw: (spear is thrown long distances)

Modern-Day Olympics

First modern summer Olympics were held April 6, 1896. Chamonix, France was the city that hosted the first modern winter Olympic games. Sochi, Russia is the last city to hold the winter games.

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