Do's and Dont's For Achieving Biceps Growth Through Food And Workout

For anyone that desires to have an Olympian physique, then bicep growth is a primary workout goal. An enormous set of biceps has always been the highlight of a bodybuilding physique. Your biceps are usually the first clue people get regarding your strength especially when wearing a T-shirt. To grow your biceps, you need to come up with a great workout regimen and stick to a diet that supports it is you want to achieve any meaningful growth.

Do: Using Compound Exercises As Part Of The Workout Regimen

Most new weightlifters focus almost entirely on isolation exercises in their quest for big biceps. These isolation exercises such as curls are however only part of the equation necessary to build biceps. Compound exercises that include biceps but do not target the biceps exclusively should be also part of the workout regimen. The compound exercises serve two purposes. Firstly, you exhaust your biceps more by using biceps as a major part of the heavy compound workout and then burning the biceps out on lighter isolation exercises. Secondly, these exercises help in balancing out your physique. Even though big biceps are great, they look comical on a normal body. Work other muscles as well to give the biceps a nice background. Some good compound exercises are lath pull-downs, pull-ups, and barbell rows.

Do: Giving The Biceps Muscles Priority

When you want a specific muscle to grow, you need to stick to the “priority principle.” You should give the muscles you wish to grow the same amount of attention in the workouts as you do in your mind. Biceps are no exception. You will not achieve the biceps growth you wish for by simply throwing in a few sets of curls at the end of your workout session. You need to pay real close attention to the biceps if you really want them to grow. Do the biceps workouts at the start of your workout session while still fresh and then keep going.

Don’t: Eating Too Little

You need to keep in mind always that diet is a key component of any muscle growth effort. If what you are after is building big biceps, you need to consume sufficient amounts of food to support growth. It is almost impossible to lose fat and gain muscle simultaneously therefore ensure that you concentrate on one goal at a time. For optimal growth of your biceps, eat a daily surplus of around 300 calories including lots of protein along the way. Men's Health suggested these foods that can support muscle growth.

Don’t: Over Train

The enthusiasm of working out your biceps might absorb you so much that you forget that muscle growth happens during rest periods as opposed to during the workout itself. If you do not get ample rest after hard workouts, you may find yourself eventually sustaining injuries. Harvard Medical School recommends that after workout, give your body a chance to rest and recover. Limit hard biceps workouts to thrice a week at first then bumping up the frequency only if you are sure that you will be able to handle it. If you find your biceps getting sore or even weaker after every workout, take a week off for them to recover.Many people dream of big biceps but few actually achieve them. In spite of this, you can easily gain impressive biceps with just a bit of dedication helped along by a healthy diet. Always remember that significant muscle growth takes time to achieve. Keep it slow and steady and you will achieve what you are looking for.

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Disclaimer: All of the information stated here is not intended to replace a professional advice of a fitness trainer. Consult one immediately.