Conic Sections

Parabolas, Circles, Ellipses, & Hyperbolas


Use this Tackk as a digital notecard for the graphs of conic sections.

1. Sign up for a conic section by clicking on the button below.

2.  Create a graph of your conic section using Geogebra. You will use Geogebra to create a graph of the conic section that includes the all of the key features.  Use the "Key Concept" boxes from your textbook as a list of the key features that need to be included.  To see an example, view the Vertical Parabola below.  Before you quit Geogebra, make sure to save your work and a copy of the Graphics View.

3.  Create a ThingLink with your graph.  Upload the graph you created with Geogebra to ThingLink.  Create text links for the key features of your graph.  Also include a link for the standard form of the equation and a link to a related video from Khan Academy.

4.  Share your ThingLink.  Get the URL for your ThingLink.   Copy and paste the link into the comment section of this Tackk.  

Example:  Vertical Parabola