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To celebrate bicycles and the art of craft beer, Bikes N’Brew features five of our fantastic local breweries which you will visit via an unsupported bicycle tour through Cleveland and its surrounding suburbs - Just in time for Cleveland Beer Week! There will be 20-ish mile & 40-ish mile suggested route options with cue sheets & maps provided.
Limited to the 21 and over crowd and 100 participants, advance tickets are $25 (day of - $35 if available) which includes a tour of Brick + Barrel and up to five samples from various breweries with food stuffs at the end of the ride. VIP tickets also include participation in the keg pull relay (you choose which route!) Net proceeds will benefit Bike Cleveland and the Cuyahoga Valley Cycling & Craft Beer Club.

When & Where:

Saturday Oct 10, 9:30a - 5:30pm

Brick & Barrel | 1844 Columbus Road | Cleveland

Money Stuffs:

  • Advance registration: $25
  • Day of (if available): $35
  • VIP Keg Schlepping (14 slots available): $75

What's Included:

  • Cue sheet & Map of suggested route
  • Scavenger Hunt Style Punch card to make sure you got em' all
  • Pre-ride tours of Brick + Barrel Brewery
  • Up to 5 samples of local craft awesomeness
  • Food stuffs at the after party
  • Trailer & hitch (if you are a keg puller)
  • The fun of watching your pals lug a keg behind their bike for 40 miles (or 20, if you are lazy)

Your Day In a Nutshell (Itinerary)

  • Check-in (ID required): 9:30 – 10:30 am @ Brick + Barrel
  • Brick + Barrel Tours: 9:50 and 10:20 am
  • All riders on route no later than 10:45 am
  • After party: 4:30-6 pm @ Brick + Barrel
  • Keg tapping: 5:15 pm

VIP Keg Relay

Want to step it up a notch and earn bragging rights? Then commit to the challenge & pull a keg!  Don't worry, it's only for part of it.

NEW THIS YEAR: THE BITCHES BARREL! That's right! A ladies only keg  on the 40 miler. (and we know that there are more than 4 ladies out there that can pull this 200 lbs of goodness, so ladies never fear. If the Bitches Barrel sign up is full, you can still sign up on any relay) Let's show those guys how you roll!

You can ride in a group, or you can ride solo - it's up to you! However, all VIPs will ride together for each keg (along with their groupies) following the route and pass the keg off to the next in line at each location. However long you decide to stay at each location or how fast you ride the route is up to you - just remember, we need that keg delivered to the Brick + Barrel by 5pm!

Did we mention that VIP Keg Relay folks also get a special howler of goodness at the end for their efforts?

VIP keg pullers: 14 legs available:

Order to be announced closer to the day of ride! THE SUSPENSE! But know it will be approx 6-10 miles of pulling some hop-tastic goodness.

Keg pullers must arrive by 10am for a mandatory primer session after the first tour. All 40 miler keg pullers must attend the first Brick & Barrel tour if you want a tour (and you do. because tours are COOL). 

After your duty is done, stick with your crew! Because the sucker - we mean - the best person for the job who pulls the last leg of each keg will be determined by your group! Oh yah...if you sign up to pull the keg, make sure your bike can accommodate the standard bike trailer. See our handy-dandy guide in the FAQ section to be 100% sure. Got it?



Do I have to be 21 or over? Yes. We will check your ID upon check-in. Also, there will be a waiver to sign.

What if it rains and I already signed up? The ride is rain or shine. If you don't feel like riding, consider your monies a great donation to some great organizations and come join the after party at Brick & Barrel. But really? Do you melt in the rain? RIDE YOUR BIKE!

Do I have to visit each brewery by bike to earn my samples? Well, this is a bike tour after all. So the answer is yes. In a "scavenger hunt" style, you must have your card marked by each brewery to earn your samples at the after party. Hit all 5? You get 5 samples. Hit only 2? Then you get 2 samples. You know the drill. And? Remember to RIDE RESPONSIBLY. We will have cab numbers on hand for you if needed.

Which breweries are involved? Brick + Barrel is our host brewery - we thank them lots for helping to make this whole thing easy, fun and awesome! Supporting roles and way cool stops include: The Cleveland Brewery, Fat Head's Brewery & Tap House, Tap Stack @ Buckeye Brewing and Portside Distillery & Brewery.

Is this a group ride? Will we have a leader? No and nope. The rolling start is between the time you check in and 10:45am. After that, yer on your own. (We do ask that you obey traffic laws & Ride Responsibly)

Are there road markings? No. However you will be armed with a cue sheet for suggested routes.

But I only want to do the 20 miler. That means I am missing 2 samples for same price as the 40 milers, right? Unfortunately, yes. We want to keep it simple and we want to raise money for a good cause. So hey! Be proud to be a part of doing that, yah?

I see you said 20-ish and 40-ish miles up top. Is it more than 20 or 40? Depending on routing, roads, conditions, and most logical yet easy ways from brewery to brewery, it could be up to 10 miles more total. But are pretty sure you will be having so much fun that you won't even notice.

I am gonna pull that keg! Do I have to use my own bike? My own trailer? Yes, yes you do, and no. We provide the trailers (and kegs) - BUT be sure that your bike can accommodate a standard bike trailer (even though we will have a nice big beefy one, it connects the same).

How do I know if my bike will work with a trailer? Lucky for you, Eddy's Bike Shop has provided a handy-dandy way to check. See the following photos (then continue to read the FAQ's IMPORTANT!)  Got questions on the trailer hitch stuff? Contact

Should I bring funds for the ride? MOST DEFINITELY. We encourage supporting the participating sponsors. How you spend your funds is up to you! Besides you gotta eat, right? AND - tip your servers. And remember: RIDE RESPONSIBLY.

Should I bring a lock? Well, do you like your bike? Yes, a lock is recommended. And a HELMET IS REQUIRED.

What if I break down on the route? Can I call someone? A friend, sure. However this is an unsupported ride. (Read: No SAG) Please be sure your bike is in good working order and you have supplies to help you out on the road. Also, the cue sheet / map will note Bike Cleveland member bike shops along the routes.

Is this on roads or paths? Both. All riders should be comfortable with sharing the road and should obey all traffic laws. The 20 miler will be concentrated in areas that have lanes and trails, however there will be areas that are just road.

Will you have the maps online ahead of time? No. Given the nature of road projects around here, the routes won't be finalized until closer to the date. But know that the routes will showcase some of the improvements and advancements in infrastructure and showcasing what we are raising funds for. Besides, surprises are good for you.

Hey! This whole thing doesn't seem like much given the price! Why no SAG? No T-shirt? No rest stop grub? Simply put: We just wanna ride bikes, find out about great beer and celebrate at the end. But we also want to support the good folks that help make our streets more fun and safer for everyone as well as the folks who support bicycle advocacy and local establishments. It's a fundraiser. Your monies will go a long way for good things. (and remember...BOTH organizations are member consider becoming a member of Bike Cleveland and the BeerCyclists!)

Well when you put it that way, how do I make an additional donation or join the cause? Memberships or donations can be made online to Bike Cleveland. And of course, you can do so during the check in & after party for Bikes N'Brew as well as member sign up for the BeerCyclists.

Will swag be available? You bet! Get your favorite Bike Cleveland and BeerCyclists goods at Brick + Barrel during check-in & the after party! In fact, the holidays are coming and they make nice gifts. Just sayin.

So who is behind this whole thing anyhow? Welp, you can thank some folks from the Cuyahoga Valley Cycling and Craft Beer Club, Eddy's Bike Shop and Bike Cleveland. And of course, Brick + Barrel for their hosting-brewery awesomeness.

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