Bill Ctibor

Educator and Learning Specialist

About Bill Ctibor

Bill Ctibor is a professional music instructor serving students in the Gilbert, Arizona, area. As a former educator at Mesa Public Schools, Ctibor has first-hand experience and knowledge when it comes to working with children and providing lessons in a structured environment in which they can learn.

East Valley Drum Lessons is a full-service drum lesson business that provides extensive instruction for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students of all ages. Serving as the owner and instructor, Bill Ctibor offers interactive musical lessons, concentrating on band and orchestra music, match and traditional grips, rudiments, sight reading, trap set soloing, and trap set performance. Ctibor combines a comprehensive curriculum with personalized lessons so that his students can learn to read music and play in such genres as band music, jazz, and rock.

Prior to working as an instructor at East Valley Drum Lessons, Ctibor was in the United States Navy from 1968 to 1970, serving in Vietnam. He then went on to spend over three decades serving as an English instructor for Mesa Public Schools, as well as working as a curriculum specialist for their distance learning and correspondence departments, and as an English instructor for Paradise Valley High School. He is the co-founder of Mesa Professional Educators.

Ctibor holds a Master's in secondary education from Arizona State University. Additionally, he has taught at the Milano Music Studio and possesses over 40 years of experience in teaching jazz, orchestral, and solo trap set. He was a recipient of the 1997 Cuthbert-Douglas Scholarship to England, and the 2002 Fulbright Scholarship to Japan. For his efforts during his time spent in the military, he was awarded the 1972 Valley Forge Freedom Foundation Medal.

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