Bill Reeves, Hawaii

Bill Reeves - Spearheading Hawaii Public Education Initiatives

Bill Reeves is a seasoned Hawaii resident and philanthropist who has leveraged his success in the financial sphere in guiding nonprofits focused on education and social welfare. Among the Hawaii organizations with which Bill Reeves is active are the East West Center Board of Governors and The Learning Coalition, which he cofounded.

Serving as head of macro strategy and trading at JP Morgan in the late 1990s, Mr. Reeves cofounded BlueCrest Capital Management in 2000. The New York and Boston-based firm maintains registered offices in cities such as Chicago, Geneva, and London, and expanded over the years to more than 600 staff members responsible for managing approximately $35 billion in assets. Having sold his share of the company in 2010, he continues to guide BlueMountain Capital Management, which has assets under management of approximately $14 billion.

Mr. Reeves’ involvement with The Learning Coalition extends to assisting Hawaii Education Matters, which was established by concerned parents in 2009 and focuses on ensuring that public education continues to meet their children’s needs. Through the Coalition, Mr. Reeves has spearheaded efforts to transform schools in ways that reflect students’ actual academic and social needs.

The Learning Coalition in Hawaii

The cofounder of BlueCrest Capital Management, Hawaii's Bill Reeves is now a partner at BlueMountain Capital Management, which he also helped form. Outside of his business endeavors, Bill Reeves maintains an active role in his community and has cofounded several Hawaii-based organizations, such as The Learning Coalition (TLC).

A nonprofit, Honolulu-based organization, TLC promotes excellence within the Hawaiian public school system. To this end, the organization provides grants and technical assistance to schools, departments, and collaboratives.

To ensure it helps as many schools within the state of Hawaii as possible, TLC works to form partnerships with Complex Area Superintendents (CAS) and staff. By supporting CAS, the organization gains increased access to schools that may need help and gains help in forming additional partnerships. TLC also supports various community-based associations and collaboratives, along with the Hawaii Department of Education, and the Hawaii Board of Education.

What Are Hedge Funds?

Before cofounding Blue Crest Capital Management in 2000, Hawaii native Bill Reeves served as the head of macro strategy and trading at JP Morgan & Chase in New York City. In his work, Bill Reeves of Hawaii primarily works in hedge fund management.

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