Bill Rego, Florida - President and CEO of Rego Medical Consultants in Florida

A veteran of consulting and sales in the health-care industry, Bill Rego, a Florida resdient, began his college education on a full baseball scholarship at Miami Dade College. He studied radio and television broadcasting and received an associate of arts in journalism. As a student athlete,he completed the program and spent the remainder of his undergraduate studies at the University of Toledo in Ohio and later graduated from Florida International University where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in telecommunications and journalism.

Bill Rego honed his skills in sales with top corporations; Harris/3M, Bristol Myers Squibb and Smith & Nephew Medical before leveraging his expertise to establish his private medical consulting business in 2010. He serves as president and chief executive officer of the firm and leads in strategic account acquisitions, sales and marketing.

He continues to excel in his profession by maintaining great interest in learning. A follower of motivational speakers and authors Anthony Robbins and Jim Rohn, he practices value-based selling, empowerment, and no-limits thinking.

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