Billy Blatty

A Louisiana Business Owner

About Billy Blatty

An entrepreneur in the restaurant industry, Billy Blatty oversees several nightspots in Texas and Louisiana in his capacity as owner and operator. Recently, he opened Barcadia New Orleans, which magazines Gambit and Where Y'at honored as the city's best bar in 2013. Before establishing himself, Billy Blatty enrolled at Tulane University in New Orleans, where he graduated cum laude with his bachelor of science in psychology. While an undergraduate, he supported himself by working as a security, bartending, and cooking staff member with several bars. After gaining vital experience in these roles, he accepted a management position at Whiskey Blue, the bar at New Orleans' W Hotel.

During the same period, Billy Blatty began his own event production brand, Fat Black Pussy Cat. The company, still in operation, partners with nightclub clients by staging events that attract thousands of people. Over his long career, he has opened successful bars and clubs, including the Ohm Lounge and several Barcadia Bars.

When not working, Mr. Blatty participates in car rally competitions. In 2013, he won the Bullrun Rally and placed second in the same event in 2012.

Three Iconic New Orleans Dishes

A successful New Orleans-based entrepreneur, Billy Blatty has owned or invested in eight restaurants and nightclubs since 2000. A self-described foodie, Billy Blatty considers himself fortunate to live in New Orleans, which was ranked as the fourth best food city in the United States by The Washington Post in 2015. Below are three iconic dishes unique to the southern city.

1. Stovetop crawfish boil: The Cajun tradition of an outdoor crawfish boil is made possible on the stovetop with just a sink, stove, and large pot. Boil the water along with salt, Creole seasoning, lemons, whole garlic cloves, bay leaves, onions, potatoes, and artichokes for 20 minutes before adding crawfish and corn.

2. Andouille sausage jambalaya with shrimp: This traditional recipe can be made with relative ease in a slow cooker. Begin by browning sausage in oil over medium-high heat and then place it in a slow cooker, followed by sauteed onions, bell peppers, celery, Creole seasoning, and thyme. Cook on low for four hours and add cooked rice and shrimp for an additional 15 minutes on high.

3. Po'boys: An iconic New Orleans sandwich first created in 1929 to feed striking streetcar workers, po'boys consist of fried seafood and roast beef with tomato, lettuce, pickles, and mayonnaise between two crusty pieces of French bread.

The Master Volleyer Tennis Drill

Billy Blatty is the owner and partner of nine service industry establishments, most notably New Orleans’ Ampersand Nightclub, which has been voted a top-100 bar and club on three occasions by Nightclub & Bar Magazine. In addition to his entrepreneurial pursuits, Billy Blatty enjoys competing in tennis tournaments.

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The Two Most Common Routes Used to Climb Mt. Everest

Billy Blatty is a successful entrepreneur who owns a number of establishments in New Orleans, Las Vegas, Dallas, and other cities. Some of his most recent ventures include Belle’s Diner, Lucky Foo’s, and Barcadia Baton Rouge. Recreationally, Billy Blatty enjoys mountaineering and is training for Mt. Everest through long, multi-day ascents like Denali in Alaska.

A number of different routes up Mt. Everest exist, including some routes that have yet to be explored. The majority of people who try to climb the mountain take one of two routes. The first was the route taken by pioneers Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay called the South Col Route. This route, the most common, includes Western Cwm and the dangerous Khumbu Icefall. Individuals climb up the Lhotse Face and Hillary Step to get to the summit.

The second most popular path is the North Ridge Route. This option has a longer descent at higher altitudes, but it avoids the Khumbu Icefall. At the same time, individuals must have a greater mastery of technical skills to successfully climb the mountain using this northern route.