Billy Bob Gholson Enjoys Scouting, Camping and Other Fun Family Friendly Activities

With a son in high school and a daughter in elementary, top auto parts salesman, Billy Bob Gholson, revels in family fun activities. The family loves to take road trips and saves money by camping rather than staying in hotels. Because of their love for camping, his two children, Barry and Sally, both joined scouting groups.

Barry joined Cub Scouts in 2nd grade and his mother, Jean, volunteered as a Den Leader. Gholson was able to attend some campouts. It was a great father-son bonding experience. He is proud that his son has stayed in scouting. Barry is about to start working on completed his Eagle Scout rank. A complex service project is part of the requirements. Because Barry has helped his father restore cars, Barry hopes to use his mechanical skills for a service project. Woodworking as become a hobby of Barry’s and his father is impressed with the items he can build. Barry is considering making full size soap box style cars to donate to a children’s charity.

One scouting even both father and son love is the Pinewood Derby. Gholson already loves cars and racing so helping Barry make a small wooden racing car is an annual project he loves. The small cars had done fairly well over the years. The pair has three championships and lots of top 3 placements.

When his daughter Sally joined Girl Scouts, Gholson was nervous about attending girl scouting events. He was happy to learn that dads are welcome volunteers. And, he taught Sally lots of sales tips to help her sell Girl Scout cookies. Cookie sales season is a time for Sally to shine. She has been the top seller in her troop for 2 years.

The Gholsons do not spend all their free camping or enjoying organized scouting events. Living in San Antonio means his family is in the same city as San Antonio SeaWorld, the Alamo, and lots of other historical and natural attractions. Every Christmas, the family goes to SeaWorld to see Santa and the whale show. The theme park transforms itself for the holiday season with a market, elves and hot chocolate.

An annual visit to the Alamo is a requirement over spring break. Billy Bob Gholson worked as a tour guide for that monument to the Texas fighting spirit. Dinner along the Riverwalk ends the day. When Sally is old enough, the family plans to rent Segways and tour the city. Over the summer, his wife Jean always buys a city pass for discounts to the main attractions so they can enjoy the sights. Billy Bob Gholson is a family man whose world revolves around his wife and two children. No activity is too “childish” to try.

Billy Bob Gholson - Sales Integrity

Billy Bob Gholson knows how important it is to have integrity when you are a salesperson. He has a bachelor’s degree in business. He has worked for almost two decades as an auto parts distributor. “Integrity is a salesperson’s badge of honor.” Honesty and integrity is important when a person is in sales. He knows that selling skills are important, but his integrity keeps his customers coming back. Mr. Gholson has all the qualities a good and honest salesperson should value.

A sales person with integrity has many positive qualities. To start with they practice strong work ethic. The person will do what’s right no matter what others think or how much money is involved. When a sales person has good character others will recommend them. A good sales person gives each customer the care and attention they deserve. A salesperson who has integrity will be confident and assertive in their sales. They will pursue sales with the customer’s best interest in mind. This type of salesman will be “disciplined and reliable.” They work hard to achieve their goals and ensure customer satisfaction.

Billy Bob Gholson knows how important honesty is to his customers. It keeps them coming back to do more business with him. They also recommend him to friends and family. He is committed to ensuring that each and every customer is satisfied with the parts they buy for their vehicle. “Integrity is having strong ethical values and sticking with them.”To read about sales integrity visithttps://www. experience. com/alumnus/article?channel_id=sales&source_page=additonal_articles&article_ id= article_1192049120397. A professional reputation is very important to a sales person.

Billy Bob Gholson - Family and Fitness

Billy Bob Gholson knows the health of his family is important. “A person who is fit is capable of living life to the fullest.” This is why whenever the family gets a chance they walk and bike the trails in San Antonio. This not only keeps them fit and healthy, it also gives them the opportunity to see the scenic landscape and enjoy nature. Being fit and healthy helps his family live a more active life.

When a person is physical fit they are healthier. Staying fit decreases the risk of disease and helps a person to stay fit both physically and mentally. It also helps a person look and feel better. Being fit helps a person avoid stress and anxiety. Physical activity can reduce the risk of stroke, heart problem, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and other diseases. Staying fit makes a person stronger and improves joint mobility.

Physical activity that helps a person stay fit can include, walking, running, biking, swimming, exercising, etc. Organized sports can also benefit a person’s wellbeing. It does not matter what you do or where you do it. What is important is that you participate in physical activity.

Billy Bob Gholson, his wife and children stays fit and healthy so they can keep up with their busy lifestyles. Being fit helps his family avoid injuries when they are out enjoying mature. Keeping fit helps Mr. Gholson maintain his busy lifestyle without any problems. “Physical activity keeps you in shape so you can enjoy leisure activities and safely perform work and home chores.” Being fit helps him and his family live life to the fullest. To find out why physical activity is important visit http://www.takingcharge.


Billy Bob Gholson has had a lifelong love of cars. He is an expert when it comes to auto parts and vehicles. He is an avid NASCAR fan and has been to a number of Indy races. He also has a passion for drag racing. He enjoys going to the San Antonio Raceway to watch the races locally. He plans to attend a couple more races there before the year’s end. When he is not watching the races in person he like to watch them on the television.

Mr. Gholson is very knowledgeable when it comes to NASCAR and the race car drivers. He can tell you about the driver and their racing history. With his vast knowledge of automobiles, he can explain anything a person would want to know about the race cars.

Mr. Gholson can tell you that “the first ever Indy Car race took place on June 12, 1909 in Portland, Oregon. There were only 6 cars in the race and they drove three laps. The winner of this race was Howard Covey and his Cadillac. He ran an average of 56 miles per hour and it took him 47 minutes to finish the race.

Billy Bob Gholson has completed work on his vintage 1966 MG Roadster and loves taking his wife for rides it this vehicle. He spent many days working on this beauty until he got in in top running shape. He still says he would like to take her around the country in it, but says this will have to be in the future.