Billy Bob San Antonio - Honest Sales

Making a living can be tough. For Billy Bob of San Antonio, working at an auto parts store for the past twenty years has come with its share of challenges but he has also reaped the rewards. Working in sales can mean depending on commissions and a lot of attention to the bottom line, sometimes too much. Often those in sales positions are tasked with numbers that are difficult to reach without sacrificing principles and bending the truth. Although this may be the case for some, making a living in sales is possible while remaining honest and true to one’s self, just as Billy Bob has accomplished for over two decades.

Many times people are looking for honest opinions. Staying open with consumers and giving them the pros and cons of products can yield surprising results. When a person feels better informed, he or she may be more willing to leap into larger purchases, refer others to a reputable sales person, and become loyal customers who provide repeat business to favorite salesmen.

Billy Bob San Antonio has accomplished building a steady clientele for himself over the last several decades. As a former tour guide who enjoys the company of others and has a genuine interest in his products, he offers pleasant conversation and honest opinions for those seeking his help. Providing the products his customers need quickly and affordably are important for him and his business. Often those seeking auto parts are met with sudden and unexpected expenses and he enjoys helping them find the best fit for customers and their budgets.

Billy Bob San Antonio - Car Repairs – Save some Cash and Do it yourself!

Taking on any repair project alone can seem overwhelming at first. San Antonio auto parts salesman, Billy Bob, has been working on cars since high school and has been employed at his job in sales for over twenty years. As someone who often meets people who find themselves in a pinch with unexpected automobile issues and costs, he understands the desire many customers show to educate themselves on auto repairs and learn how to do minor auto work personally. Although he sees the advantage of doing work oneself, he often cautions consumers to do their research and choose tasks that they feel comfortable completing. He is also quick to offer suggestions and provide tips for those who would like some guidance.

A few common repairs people may attempt when fixing their automobiles include replacing a battery or alternator, replacing brake pads, and common maintenance repairs such as oil changes. Once a person has successfully attempted repairs such as these, he or she may find that repairs under the hood are in the realm of possibility as well!

Reaching a little beyond a normal comfort zone can go a long way! When a person is able to complete minor auto repairs he or she is able to lessen the burden of unanticipated expenditures when a vehicle has issues. Billy Bob San Antonio has lived in San Antonio is entire life and has always worked to help those in his community. He believes finding independence in small ways such as these are helpful in creating a stronger community that can depend on its members for help in hard times.


Billy Bob San Antonio - Buying Your First Boat – Should you really take the plunge?

Investing in a boat can be a big decision. Billy Bob is a boat and car enthusiast from San Antonio who has enjoyed owning his own watercraft for years. Before taking the plunge, he did extensive research on boat models and taking into consideration his family’s specific needs in a boat. Making such an investment was a good choice for him. With a wife and two children who enjoy spending time together on the water, boating is a recreational activity that they enjoy together as a family often.

Buying a boat can often be as expensive, or more so, than a vehicle. The first step in purchasing a boat is consulting your bank account. Making sure you have the disposable income for such a commitment is important. A boat is more often than not a luxury item that isn’t vital for success or happiness. If this is true for you, then ensuring a boat will not add stress financially is a smart move before making any progress toward a purchase. A boat is not worth drowning in debt!

Billy Bob enjoys San Antonio’s lakes and has easy access to water from his home. Before making a boat purchase, decide if a boat is truly viable for your situation as well as your finances. How often will you be able to use the boat? Do you have easy access to water? Where will you store your boat? Are there restriction in your neighborhood for keeping a boat at your home? Once you have asked yourself all of the practical questions then it’s time to take the plunge!


Billy Bob San Antonio - Restoring Classic Cars Without Breaking the Bank

Restoring a classic car should be a leisurely process that brings joy to the owner. Billy Bob San Antonio auto parts salesman, has always had a love for car restoration and a soft spot for auto parts. Working with cars has been in his blood from a young age and is considered a tradition in his family that he is now passing on two his two children. Although he greatly enjoys the time he spends with his family restoring his 1964 Thunderbird, he also knows he can’t let the project get out of hand and break the bank.

Restoring a classic car can take upwards of 1,000 hours. Investing time and money into a project of that magnitude is an important decision. Many who love restoring old cars have found ways to cut down on costs, with one of the more obvious being to do the work themselves. Completing as much bodywork alone as possible is important when trying to cut cost. Calling around for parts, comparing costs, and evaluating the level of authenticity that is desired for the project can all be vital parts of car restoration on a budget.

As someone who enjoys restoring cars as a leisure project, Billy Bob is able to call San Antonio vehicle salvage centers and take his time throughout the process. He believes in keeping the car as true to its former self as possible and staying authentic as he goes. Teaching his children has been an enjoyable pastime and is truly what the car restoration process embodies for many who enjoy the history and nostalgia of working on classics.