Birchwood Properties

Property Investment and Management in New York

From its home office in Great Neck, New York, Birchwood Properties oversees a number of investments and managed properties. The company operates under the leadership of partners Karen and Robert Spitalnick, both of whom have been active in managing properties of various types for more than three decades.

Karen Spitalnick, a graduate of Brooklyn College and the MBA program at Baruch College, began her career at property ownership and management firm Neuman & Sons in 1981. Robert Spitalnick, meanwhile, had earned his juris doctor at New York Law School and had been in practice for two years when he joined the firm of Silver & Tischler. There, he began collaborating with firm affiliate Orda Management.

Karen and Robert Spitalnick began working together as part of a family partnership in 1980. Six years later, they co-purchased a 33-unit building on 61st Street in the borough of Brooklyn. They have since gone on to establish Birchwood Properties and to invest in office, retail, mixed-use, and residential buildings across the city.

The RSA Protects the Interests of New York City Property Owners

Based in Great Neck, New York, Birchwood Properties, LLC, is a family-owned company that invests in, owns, and manages residential and mixed-use properties. Having served the New York area for 30 years, the company currently owns or manages properties comprising over 70 apartments and four stores. Birchwood Properties is a member of the Rent Stabilization Association of New York.

The Rent Stabilization Association of New York (RSA) is an industry trade group committed to safeguarding the interests of those involved in the residential property industry. The RSA provides three primary services to its members.

First and foremost, it lobbies on behalf of property owners to protect them from unfavorable regulations and adverse legislation. Second, the RSA educates its members about the real estate industry. The RSA provides free seminars and monthly publications to keep its members informed about regulatory changes. Counselors are also available to provide individualized attention as necessary. Third, the RSA offers members information and discounts on tools to help them manage their properties effectively. To learn more about the RSA, visit

CHIP’s TPU Defense Program

A real estate management firm based in Great Neck, New York, Birchwood Properties handles commercial, residential, and mixed-use properties throughout New York City. Birchwood Properties is an active supporter of the various initiatives of the Community Housing Improvement Program (CHIP).

A trade association that represents more than 3,500 New York City apartment-building owners, CHIP has played a key role in establishing regional housing policy for more than half a century. Through its TPU Defense program, the organization is opposing specific problematic aspects of the state Division of Housing and Community Renewal’s Tenant Protection Unit (TUP) program.

Although the TUP ostensibly aims to preserve affordable housing by fighting cases of landlord fraud and harassment, CHIP claims that the program has conducted aggressive surveillance and enforcement practices that unfairly target landlords using incorrect and/or incomplete rental history information. Partnering with other industry groups, CHIP is currently challenging the legal legitimacy of the TUP in court. CHIP also provides assistance to individual landlords, helping them to eliminate vulnerability in their rent histories as well as respond to TPU audits in process.