Christian Faris Geometry All Around Us

Mrs. Causey 1st period

Question #1

What relationship does angle 1 and angle 2 have?

A) Alternate exterior angles

B) alternate interior angles

C) vertical angles

D) supplementary angles

Question #2

Line WZ bisects line JY. What two line segments are now congruent?

A) JX and WX

B) YX and ZX

C) JX and YX

D) WX and ZX

Question #3

What Postulate would you use to find triangles BAD and CAD congruent?





Question #4

What is the measure of x?

Question #5

What is the measure of one interior angle in a Pentagon?

Question #6

What relationship do angles 1 and 2 have?

A) vertical angles

B) corresponding angles

C) alternate exterior angles

D) supplementary angles

Question #7

The rails on the train tracks have what relationship?

A) They are skew

B) They are parallel

C) They are Perpendicular

D) They have none

Question #8

What congruent pair could prove lines A and B congruent

A) 1=~4

B) 7=~6

C) 8=~6

D) 2=~7

Question #9

Solve for x

Question #10

What kind of angle is m?

A) Vertical Angles

B) Right angles

C) Obtuse angles

D) Supplementary angles

Answer Key:

#1: B

#2: C

#3: B

#4: x = 55

#5: 108

#6: D

#7: B

#8: D

#9: 40

#10: A

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