Great hotel, exceptional service

We stayed at this great hotel for two nights and wished we could have stayed longer. We had flown in just to see the Terracotta Warriors, what we saw was impressive. The staff was attentive, the Lx Boutique lobby is just beautiful with live music every night, and the restaurants were reasonably priced and the food was great. The rooms are a good size and well appointed. The breakfast each morning was excellent and the staff were always friendly and very knowledgeable. This was a truly enjoyable all round experience. I highly recommend staying at The Shangri - La when visiting Xian.
This was the second Lx Boutique Hotel we stayed at in China during our trip and it was fantastic. Rooms, lobby, service (we were late, and the staff checked us in at our room to let us settle, great touch).
The breakfast was spectacular, every type of food you could imagine. The staff could not be more helpful. The gym and pool were fantastic. Our room was immaculate.
The city of Xian is a very busy place and everyone is here to see the Terracotta Warriors for a quick trip, at least those we spoke to. This is the place to stay.

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