Come To Mesopotamia!

My fellow hunters and gatherers, are you tired of walking around from place to place, rummaging around for food and water, only worried about survival? Well those days are over if you come to Mesopotamia. This wonderful place is filled with warm sun, social structure and grand Ziggurats. We also have a stable food and water supply because of our amazing location. We are located between the Euphrates and Tigris river in Modern day Iraq. Iraq is a country in the middle east of Asia. If you read on I will tell you 3 of many advantages of living is Mesopotamia.

Stable Food Supply

I know what you are thinking, What does hunting and gathering have to do with coming to Mesopotamia? Well, I'll tell you. Because we are not wandering around looking for food, we have actually have had time to create a civilization! We now have farmers, scribes, and much more. The farmers jobs are to plant and harvest crops for the number of people in Mesopotamia. Because we have now settled on the plains, we have no trouble growing enough food for the increasing number of people. We used to live next to the Zagros mountains. But with the increasing number of people, there was not enough room to plant enough food for everyone. One day a citizen noticed that the plains had flooded. Usually the plains were dry and hard, horrible for planting crops. But the flood brought nice soft, fertile soil with it. To keep the plains from flooding again, we invented something called irrigation systems. Irrigation systems are used everyday in Mesopotamia and will be explained in the next paragraph. Now, doesn't this sound better than hunting and gathering?

Stable Water Supply

Along with a stable food supply, we also have a stable water supply. Because we live right next to two fresh water streams, finding fresh water is easy. But how do we get it where we want it to go? The answer is easy! Here in Mesopotamia we use irrigation systems. An irrigation system is something we use to direct water where we want it to go. Examples of these are canals, levees, dams and reservoirs. Here a few examples of why we use them. We use canals to transfer amounts of water from place to place. A canal is a tunnel or ditch. As said before, they help transfer water from place to place. These really help farmers because they can water their plantations without having to haul buckets of water up from the rivers. We use dams to help keep water in one place. A dam is a barrier that keeps water from going anywhere. It helps the water level rise and create lakes, ponds and much more. Because of our irrigation systems, we now have a stable water supply.


Not only do we have stable water and food supply, we also have the best technology around. We have irrigation systems, but we also invented the wheel and the plow, the two most helpful inventions around. The plow is something that we use to poke holes in the ground so that farming will go faster. Without this invention, farming would go 10 times slower! Before this invention, farmers used sticks and animals horns to poke holes in the soil. The wheel is an amazing invention that Mesopotamia is known for. It helps move heavy objects without the strain! Without the wheel, we wouldn't be able to move heavy objects at all.

I'll See You There!

I would list all the advantages of coming here but I would have to make up a whole new form of writing to do it! (Did I mention that we have our own writing? Yeah, it's called Cuneiform.) I hope you have enjoyed this clay tablet and I hope to see you in Mesopotamia.

Our most famous invention. The wheel.

The farming miracle. The plow.

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